New product update: Cetaris Fix Version 10 Mobile Release

Written By: Michelle Farley, Lead UI / UX Designer, on Mar 4, 2022

Cetaris Fix Version 10

Cetaris Fix is a work order app designed to simplify the technician experience. In version 10, there are some big advancements and new features. We primarily focused on an all-new inspection module, allowing your team to complete mobile inspections securely from work devices.

Features in Version 10

  • Create work order enhancement
  • Include PM/DVCR due date on the task list and WO detail page
  • Direct inspections
  • Indirect inspections
  • Conditional actions
  • Signatures
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Printing

Let’s get into it! 👇

Create Work Order Enhancement

In Cetaris 10, the work order process has been to simplify the process of adding tasks and service reminders while improving overall usability and performance.

Include PM / DVCR Due Date on the Task List and WO Detail page

PM and DVCR due dates have been added to the Task List making it easier for technicians to track due dates.

Direct Inspections

Direct inspections allow the administrator to add an inspection template to their standard job which can then be added to a work order.

  • Standard jobs are made for work that is done regularly using a standard set of instructions, and inspections are quite similar. Inspections happen regularly following an established checklist containing steps.
  • Adding inspection templates to a standard job allows the inspection to be added to a work order and performed alongside other direct tasks (repair lines).
  • Having inspections added to a direct task/repair line gives the technician the flexibility to perform the inspection and then add labor entries and parts if they are able to perform a repair immediately.

Indirect inspections

Indirect to be used for high volume, quick inspections that are outside of maintenance and/or when labor should not be charged against maintenance costs of the equipment.

  • Indirect to be used for high volume, quick inspections that are outside of maintenance and/or when labor should not be charged against maintenance costs of the equipment.
  • Indirect inspections allow you to begin a simplified inspection with less data.
  • An example could be a 30-point safety inspection checklist for a yard check that should be charged to safety instead of maintenance

Conditional actions

Conditional actions allow the administrator to prompt the technician to add a photo, note, or task based on the answer provided. For example, if an inspection step asks for a PASS or FAIL then the admin can request a note to be taken when if the technician responds with a FAIL

  • Photos can be taken on the spot with the mobile device camera
  • In addition to actions set up by the admin, the technician can add a note, photo, or task manually
  • All actions are recorded on the printed inspection for record-keeping


An admin can require that digital signatures be added to the inspection. The app prompts the technician to sign before completing.

  • Legal text can be able to be added to the signature request eg “I hereby certify that this inspection etc…”
  • Signatures show up on the printed report as well as in Cetaris Fix

Voice inspections

Technicians can record their inspections hands-free with the help of a voice assistant and a headset microphone.

  • The voice assistant can adjust to different phrases and learn how to understand the technician better over time. Through repeated use of the app, the assistant will learn to speak your language: “Nope”, “Nah”, “Not today” instead of just strictly listening for “no”
  • A simple experience and voice user interface allows for a short learning curve for technicians with varying levels of technical literacy


Inspections can be printed for record-keeping or to provide a copy to the driver. Printed checklists can also be used to complete an inspection in areas with bad poor internet connection.

  • Print checklists
  • Include or exclude photos in the print version
  • PDF versions of the report can be viewed when completed

Across the entire application, we also worked to improve and optimize the overall user experience from the speed, performance, and consistency of screens. To find out more about this latest release, reach out today!

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