Introducing, Cetaris Fix

Cetaris Fix is a productivity tool designed to simplify the technician experience on-the-go.

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How it works

Why choose Cetaris Fix?

  • Increase time on task

    Digital task tracking helps your techs focus on the work in front of them.

  • Manage safety and compliance

    Flag assets with safety-related alerts and lockouts.

  • Keep your data secure

    Data protection is built into the design of Cetaris Fix, with hosting over SSL (HTTPS) protocol, data encryption, and secure user login.

Gain a clear line-of-sight into your shop floor

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Make it mobile

Designed for any iOS or Android mobile device, so your team can get as far away from the desk as they want.

  • Simplify workflows with automated task tracking
  • Decrease travel and training time
  • Improve wrench hours
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Manage your shop floor

Oversee the shop floor with live reports on productivity. Identify process improvements that increase wrench time and reduce asset downtimes.

  • Set deadlines and prioritize tasks to optimize workflows
  • Decrease downtime between tasks with pre-assigned work
  • Gain real-time insights through at-a-glance reports
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What our customers say:

"Cetaris Fix, with its intuitive design has allowed our most seasoned and experienced technicians to learn to process WOs with ease."

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