Introducing, Cetaris Fix

Cetaris Fix is a work order productivity tool designed to simplify the technician experience on-the-go. Work orders, inspections, and task tracking made easy. Cetaris Fix is currently only available with the purchase of maintenance software.

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Why choose Cetaris Fix?

  • Simplify workflows

    Automate task tracking with work order management for all levels of technical literacy.

  • Decrease travel and training time

    Improve wrench hours by documenting all repair items at the asset.

  • Real-time data insights

    Flow live data from the shop floor into reports that help you manage-by-exception.

Gain a clear line-of-sight into your shop floor

Try a fleet maintenance solution built with ROI in mind.

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Grow Productivity

All of the information you need, where you need it most: at the asset as you complete the repair.

  • Easily create a work order with service reminders
  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • View the asset’s VIN #, information, and complete history at the repair
  • Document work on a mobile device or with voice-to-text
  • Access a workflow with built-in validation to ensure accuracy
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Manage Inventories

Manage parts with real-time accuracy by updating inventories as parts are used. Plus, with warranty flagging, you can increase reimbursement and ensure dollars are never left on the table.

  • Track part usage to keep inventory accurate
  • Manage with better data to streamline inventory and increase turns
  • Scan a barcode using your device camera to add parts to repairs
  • Create alignment between the shop floor and parts room
  • Claim warranty in a timely manner by flagging it at the repair
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Complete Inspections

Create and customize robust inspection checklists. Enable your inspection team to walkthrough the checklist using an easy-to-use mobile or voice user interface.

  • Create custom inspections by asset, make, or model
  • Easily attach photos and notes to an inspection line
  • Add logic by making inspection lines optional or required
  • Simply schedule inspections on work orders using standard jobs
  • Create indirect inspections that are not charged against maintenance
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How it works

"Cetaris Fix, with its intuitive design has allowed our most seasoned and experienced technicians to learn to process WOs with ease."

Jefferson Lines
Samuel Rodriguez
Director of Fleet Operations