Maintenance software for the distribution industry

Cetaris empowers maintenance managers in the distribution industry to drive business value. Streamline your processes, capture high-quality data, and achieve the lowest operating costs, ultimately saving you time and money.


What are the benefits of maintenance software?

  • Access top-rated customer support

    Gain access to our award-winning support team.

  • Secure your data

    Keep your data safe with a SOC II compliant vendor.

  • Manage maintenance and inventory concurrently

    Update part quantities as repairs are completed.

  • Reduce capital requirements

    Increase residual value of your assets with Distribution maintenance software.

Asset Management

Centralize the maintenance of your assets from one place.

  • Schedule repairs and replacement
  • Optimize asset utilization and availability
  • Track repair histories
  • Monitor asset performance

Preventive maintenance scheduling

Schedule routine maintenance tasks in advance to prevent breakdowns, optimize productivity, and reduce repair costs.

  • Automate the scheduling of planned repairs
  • Improve safety and compliance of assets
  • Set up alerts for repairs

Parts inventory management

Track the inventory of parts and supplies needed for vehicle maintenance and repair.

  • Update part quantities as repairs are completed
  • Optimize parts inventory

Work order management

Create, assign, and track work orders.

  • Create, assign, and track work orders
  • Benchmark with Standard Repair Times (SRTs)
  • Schedule shifts ahead to increase productivity
  • Keep maintenance, dispatch, operations, and parts teams aligned

Warranty Management

Centralize warranty agreements while tracking the right data to increase reimbursement.

  • Flag warrantable parts and labor
  • Generate warranty claims based on repair info
  • Collect repair data to safeguard service agreements
  • Report on missed warranties, chronic repairs, and more

Reporting and analytics

Generate reports and analytics on vehicle performance and maintenance history, which can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your fleet management strategy.

  • Analyze your data and benchmark against metrics that matter
  • Understand your future critical path with predictive analytics
  • Identify maintenance, operations, and personnel trends
  • View progress in real-time

"Cetaris allows us to have a high level of visibility into our very large number of assets so we can continuously identify and close gaps in our maintenance operation."

Chris Carter
Sr Manager II, Fleet Purchasing and Engineering

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