About Us

We apply creativity and innovation to complex problems to help our customers. We’re always on the lookout for like-minded people that can help us bring the latest technology innovations to our industry.



Our Story

Cetaris began in 1989 with a small team of fleet people who had an idea: to help the humans behind the equipment to work smart and get to the ROI. Find out why over a million assets around the world are tracked using Cetaris Maintenance Solutions.

What do we care about?

  • Innovation and creative problem solving

    We're a team of bright people who flourish when solving challenging problems with inventive solutions

  • Happy customers

    Our team works hard to create a software product that improves the lives of our customers

  • Learning and sharing

    Our people bring a thirst for continuous learning, a desire to share what they know, and the humility to learn from others

  • Health, safety, and wellness

    With our ergonomic workspace, dedicated health and safety team, and team run initiatives to get outside, we advocate for each other's wellness

  • Accessibility, equity, and inclusion

    Part of what makes us successful is the wealth of perspectives, skills, and experiences that make up our team. We're committed to fostering a safe, equitable, and accessible environment for all

  • New tools and technologies

    We’re always researching new tools and tech to fortify our solid product and meet the changing demands of our industry

  • Having fun together

    We celebrate our wins with BBQs, go-karting, ski days, potlucks, pizza parties, and more

  • Paying-it-forward

    When we succeed, we pay it forward: to our community, to social programs, and to charities we believe in

  • A healthy work/life balance

    Our team works around flex hours to make room for life outside the office

Do you care about the same things?

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