Introducing, Cetaris Fleet

Cetaris Fleet empowers retail and repair shops to powerfully impact their business by tracking the maintenance of fleet and fixed assets.

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Why choose Cetaris?

  • Meet industry safety and compliance requirements

    Understand accidents and document preventive actions and policies

  • Increase revenue

    Achieve reliable asset availability

  • Increase profitability

    Quote your clients based on accurate asset operating cost data and warranty capture

  • Reduce cost

    Increase labor productivity and efficiency while analyzing your data and benchmarking according to past performance

  • Simplify invoicing

    Accurately capture all parts and labor with systematic coding

  • Validate PM efficacy

    Leverage PMs to effectively eliminate unplanned breakdowns

  • Prevent breakdowns

    Leverage systematized PM scheduling

  • Maintain your optimum parts inventory

    Balance inventory cost and parts availability

  • Fortify operational budget accuracy

    Increase visibility of your cost data to get the whole picture on operational expenses

"Cetaris does a fine job of helping us out. The Cetaris customer support team replies quickly to our questions. They keep everyone informed and they check back and follow-up to make sure everything is okay."

Dan Flanagan
Vice President of Purchasing