Introducing, Cetaris Approve

Cetaris Approve is a purchase order approval app designed to manage purchases on-the-go. This app is currently only available with the purchase of maintenance software.

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Why choose Cetaris Approve?

  • Informed approvals

    View the date, time, cost, supplier, part, labor information, and the user who submitted the PO.

  • Search approval history

    Track and store the history of all approvals for retrospective insights or audit purposes.

  • View savings and promotions

    Drill down into parts and labor information to identify opportunities to streamline costs.

Manage purchases on-the-go

Find out how to automate the approval process to manage maintenance costs anytime, anywhere.


Approve new purchases on the go

Manage approvals for all repair and purchase orders related to your maintenance operations. Track parts and labor costs, save time and decrease silos with a mobile solution designed to help run the shop floor in real-time wherever you are.

  • Review and then approve POs
  • Notify the team when new POs are approved
  • Manage costs related to road call related work, outside repair, parts purchases, commodity purchases and more
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Collaborate on outside repairs

Review outside POs and submit change requests for outside purchase orders directly to the supplier.

  • Create real-time alignment with suppliers to streamline outside PO costs
  • Managers can decline POs with comment to the supplier
  • Remove bottlenecks throughout the outside repair process
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Customize approvals your way

Change the language and convert PO costs to your currency of choice. Set up approvals that reflect your management hierarchy. Configure approval levels by user to ensure each purchase order is overseen and approved by the right person.

  • Convert PO costs to your preferred currency
  • Filter by cost range, criticality, and chronology
  • Create multi-level approvals
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What our customers say:

"Every aspect of our business that relies on information from Cetaris is in better shape than before."

Jordan Carriers
Dustin Ward
IT Director