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What are the benefits of maintenance software?

  • Secure your data

    With multi-factor authentication and SOC-II compliance, your data is safe with us.

  • Decrease Travel and training Time

    Keep up with repairs

    Keep your team focused on the work that matters with work order management, preventive maintenance schedules, and alerts for repairs.

  • Drive ROI

    100% of surveyed customers reported seeing ROI from warranty returns, cost savings, and process optimizations.

  • Integrate with your other software systems

    Connect your maintenance process to telematics, GPS, ERP, or other critical systems.

Work order management

Create and assign work orders to track high quality repair data.

  • Benchmark wrench hours with Standard Repair Times (SRTs)
  • Keep maintenance, dispatch, operations, and parts teams aligned
  • Schedule shifts ahead to increase productivity

Optimize parts inventory

Streamline inventory while maintaining part availability.

  • Optimize parts inventory
  • Update part quantities as repairs are completed
  • Report on parts and identify opportunities to streamline costs

Asset management

Access tools to help optimize the performance of assets.

  • Optimize asset utilization and availability
  • Track repair histories
  • Extend lifecycles and track performance
  • Schedule repairs and replacement

Warranty management

Centralize warranty agreements while tracking the right data to increase reimbursement.

  • Flag warrantable parts and labor
  • Collect repair data to safeguard service agreements
  • Generate warranty claims based on repair info
  • Report on missed warranties, chronic repairs, and more

Reporting and analytics

Generate reports and analytics on vehicle performance and maintenance history, which can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your fleet management strategy.

  • View progress in real-time
  • Analyze your data and benchmark against metrics that matter
  • Identify maintenance, operations, and personnel trends
  • Understand your future critical path with predictive analytics

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