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McLeod Software Integration

Sync your maintenance, accounting, and dispatch teams. Flow maintenance cost data from Cetaris into LoadMaster and much more.

Import accounting data from LoadMaster into Cetaris

Bring in supplier records from McLeod

And more

Export accounting data from Cetaris

Accounts payable info (i.e. purchase orders and part returns)

Accounts receivable info (customer part sales, customer work order invoices, and owner work order invoices)

Journal entries (from work order, warranty reimbursement, core credit, part inventory adjustment, purchase order accruals)

Import DVIR data into Cetaris

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports to be added to Work Orders

Import meter readings into Cetaris

Odometer readings from McLeod LoadMaster via a GPS or fuelling system

Export work order data from Cetaris

Update the asset status in LoadMaster to align teams

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Learn how to improve maintenance efficiencies by flowing data in and out of your maintenance system.