Maintenance tools built for humans

Cetaris is a maintenance system designed to drive efficiencies with actionable data. Empower your maintenance team with the tools to manage their assets every day.


Why choose Cetaris?

  • Return on investment

    Increase compensating transactions like warranty and core capture while streamlining your part, labor, and fuel costs.

  • Data accuracy

    Implement PM scheduling to keep assets safe and compliant, while equipping technicians with standard safety procedures at the asset.

  • System integration

    Automate data flows across your enterprise software, while maintaining accuracy with built-in validation.

Accelerate your maintenance operations

Try a fleet maintenance solution built with ROI in mind.

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Labor and productivity

Explore labour and productivity.

  • Increase time on task
  • Standard jobs to increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Shift scheduling
  • Standard repair times
  • Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Streamline parts inventory
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Warranty reimbursement

Explore warranty reimbursement.

  • Gain ROI with warranty capture alone
  • Flag warrantable parts at the repair
  • Centralize warranty agreement documentation
  • Create claims that are autofilled with the data to maximize reimbursement
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Data, analytics, and reporting

Gain access to 200+ prebuilt reports

  • Gain access to 200+ prebuilt reports
  • Unlock business intelligence insights
  • Integrate with PowerBI and other tools
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Go mobile

With our user-friendly mobile suite, your team can drive better maintenance wherever they are.

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