Cetaris Fixed Asset

EAM Software for Utilities, Telecom and Power

Cetaris helps to optimize spend while safety and compliance with real-time data into operations. Empower your team with fact-based investment planning, procurement, and decommissioning decisions.


Asset management

Manage the maintenance of assets such as power generation equipment, transmission lines, communication towers, and other infrastructure.

  • Monitor asset condition
  • Track performance
  • Record history of maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance strategies more effectively.

  • Schedule regular inspections, servicing, and repairs based on predefined criteria or usage patterns
  • Reduce unexpected failures and service disruptions

Workforce efficiency

Streamline work order management by automating processes.

  • Assign work and automate processes
  • Stay up-to-date on repair status
  • Increase the productivity of the workforce

Inventory and supply chain

Keep inventories accurate with an inventory tracking system.

  • Manage inventory levels
  • Relieve parts
  • Streamlining the procurement process
  • Minimize inventory holding costs

Analytics and reporting

Generate reports and analytics on vehicle performance and maintenance history, which can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your fleet management strategy.

  • Analyze your data and benchmark against metrics that matter
  • Identify maintenance, operations, and personnel trends
  • Understand your future critical path with predictive analytics
  • View progress in real-time

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