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Introducing, Cetaris Count

Cetaris Count is an inventory count app designed to optimize the inventory process.

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Why choose Cetaris Count?

  • Built-in error prevention

    Counts are validated in real-time. If a variance occurs, a recount sheet is generated. Variances can be configured based on percentage, quantity, or part value.

  • Complete full inventory or cycle counts

    Designed to compliment your unique workflow, Count can be configured to complete cycle or full inventory counts.

  • Monitor inventory

    With a constant flow of data, you can visualize counts and monitor changes to inventory in real-time.

Improve inventory accuracy with mobile counts

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Update your inventory count with one scan of a barcode

Use your device camera to scan parts, select the quantity, and instantly update your inventory count.

Improve the efficiency of counts

With a simplified mobile tool, your parts teams can update counts on-the-go. With automated inventory flows, your team can spend more time on the work that matters, like achieving 100% accuracy in the part room.

  • Scan parts
  • Decrease travel and training time
  • Prevent errors with built-in variance detection
  • Access part profiles, photos, and camera integration

Oversee inventory management

With a clear line-of-sight into inventory counts, you can identify and address changes in inventory as they occur to optimize inventory control.

  • Update counts in real-time
  • Monitor inventory variance
  • Automate bin assignment
  • Decrease manual labor

Align your part teams

A steady flow of inventory data creates deeper alignment across teams. Helping them to proactively solve problems, monitor change, and grow alongside your inventory operations.

  • Create seamless count flows
  • Update count status in real-time
  • Generate alerts so the right people stay informed
  • Automate recounts and bin assignment them to a new user

What our customers say:

“Cetaris Count gives a live look at the parts room and its inventory. This is the future, not only of stepping towards paperless, but also, of becoming more efficient.”

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