Inventory management app

Introducing, Cetaris Count

Cetaris Count is an inventory count app designed to optimize the inventory process. Complete counts, scan barcodes, and improve inventory control from the palm of your hand. Cetaris Count is currently only available with the purchase of maintenance software.


Why choose Cetaris Count?

  • Inventory automation

    Counts are validated in real-time. If a variance occurs, a recount sheet is generated. Variances can be configured based on percentage, quantity, or part value.

  • Full inventory or cycle counts

    Designed to compliment your unique workflow, Count can be configured to complete cycle or full inventory counts based on your operation’s needs.

  • Seamless count flows

    Get clear insights into inventory counts to optimize inventory control. Align your team with a steady flow of inventory data to the right people.

Improve inventory accuracy with mobile counts

Get a closer look at Cetaris Count.


Scan barcodes

With part barcode scanning, spend more time on the work that matters, like achieving 100% accuracy in the parts room. Use your device camera to scan parts, select the quantity, and instantly update your counts.

  • Update counts in real-time
  • Improve efficiency of counts
  • Increase data quality by reducing data entry work
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Visualize inventories

With a clear line-of-sight into counts, you can identify and address changes as they occur to optimize inventory control.

  • Complete counts with a simple, easy-to-use count sheet
  • Sort inventory counts by facility, main, and alternate bins
  • Revisit count history
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Ensure accuracy

Manage-by-exception with alerts and warnings designed to flag suspect count entries, identify when parts end up in the wrong bin, and prevent errors before they occur.

  • Monitor and flag inventory variances
  • Prevent inventory loss with automate recounts and bin assignments
  • Generate alerts so the right people stay informed
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“Cetaris Count gives a live look at the parts room and its inventory. This is the future, not only of stepping towards paperless, but also, of becoming more efficient.”

Drain-All LTD
Mat Corbeil
Fleet Services / Manufacturing