Case Study

How Great Plains Transport streamlined maintenance costs with Cetaris

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Mar 6, 2024

Read the case study about how Great Plains Transport streamlined maintenance costs and enhanced data-driven decisions using Cetaris software.

Meet Great Plains Transport

Great Plains Transport is a leading transportation company specializing in logistics and freight management. With a fleet of vehicles ranging from trucks to heavy machinery, Great Plains relies on the efficiency and reliability of its fleet of vehicles to haul over 40,000 shipments annually. Ensuring the reliability of their assets is critical to the company’s goal of keeping promises to customers, staff, and vendors for every mile driven.


The Challenge: Maintenance Data Inaccuracies and Cost Creep

As it happens, this is the story of Terrence Bloodworth, Director of Maintenance at Great Plains Transport. To start, Terrence faced the daunting task of managing a large fleet while optimizing maintenance operations and reducing costs. The company’s existing maintenance management system lacked the robust capabilities needed to track maintenance activities effectively, leading to increased downtime, rising expenses, and decision-making without hard facts.


Great Plains’ Secret to Cost Savings

To address these challenges, Terrence Bloodworth spearheaded the implementation of Cetaris, a comprehensive maintenance management software solution. First, he recognized and prioritized the importance of finding a system that supports data-driven decision-making. Terrence was drawn to Cetaris because he had implemented it successfully at other organizations. In his experience, it was the best solution to track and manage data accurately and reliably at Great Plains Transport. Notably, Terrence remarks, “I have made the decision to choose Cetaris twice. If that doesn’t give you a vote of confidence, I don’t know what it does.”

Results and Impact with Cetaris

As a result, since deploying Cetaris, Great Plains Transport has experienced significant improvements in maintenance operations and cost management. Specifically, as Terrence notes, “Our expenses have decreased between 10 and 15% since we’ve gone live with the product. We’ve been able to focus on preventative maintenance success and making sure that the equipment makes it from PM to PM as planned.”

Cetaris empowered Terrence and his team to streamline preventive maintenance processes, ensuring that equipment maintenance schedules are strictly adhered to. This proactive approach has minimized unexpected breakdowns, reduced downtime, and extended vehicle lifecycle for critical assets.

Plus, the Cetaris application provided the team with a renewed sense of confidence in their data integrity, enabling Terrence to make informed decisions. He emphasized, “I’m a data-driven type of individual. And I knew that the quality of the data and the data integrity that I was going to get out of Cetaris was going to be unmatched anywhere else.”

By leveraging Cetaris’ robust reporting and analytics capabilities, Terrence gained insights into maintenance trends, asset performance, and cost-saving opportunities. Then, armed with this valuable intelligence, he implemented strategic initiatives to optimize maintenance schedules, allocate resources more efficiently, and identify areas for future improvement. Lastly, Terrence notes that he considers Cetaris not just a software vendor but a trusted partner that supports continuous improvement at Great Plains.

Achieving Maintenance Excellence 

Through the successful implementation of Cetaris, Terrence Bloodworth, Director of Maintenance at Great Plains Transport, has transformed maintenance operations with increased cost savings, improved data accuracy and capture, and enhanced organization-wide reporting initiatives.

By prioritizing data integrity and leveraging Cetaris’ advanced reporting features, Terrence has transformed Great Plains Transport into a more efficient, proactive, and competitive organization in the transportation industry.

As Ric Bedard, CEO of Cetaris, notes, “Cetaris is honored to count Great Plains Transport among our customers and trusted partners. I truly believe we serve the best maintenance teams in the world, those who strive for continual improvement and create new standards of excellence in the industry daily.”

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