EAM software for facilities and fixed assets

Introducing, Cetaris Fixed Asset

Cetaris Fixed Asset is designed to track, manage, and optimize the maintenance of your facility and assets. Empower your team with the tools to manage maintenance every day.


Why choose Cetaris?

  • Gain your ROI

    Drive a return on investment with tools to improve asset reliability, increase warranty capture, strengthen data integrity, manage energy consumption, and streamline part and labor practices.

  • Achieve the highest asset reliability

    Automate preventive maintenance scheduling to keep your assets running longer. Predict and prevent asset failures to extend lifecycles and reduce downtime.

  • Measure and improve

    Visualize moments along your critical path to optimize operations in real-time. Use your preferred classification method to bolster corporate decision-making.

Optimize the maintenance of your assets

EAM software built to save you time and money.


Labor and productivity tracking

Sharpen labor and productivity workflows at every level by improving asset availability, pre-scheduling shifts, standardizing repairs, and monitoring productivity with real-time reports.

  • Automate PM scheduling
  • Standardize repairs
  • Promote safety and compliance
  • Predict and prevent breakdowns
  • Benchmark your labor productivity and efficiency
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Increase warranty reimbursements

Track asset warranty agreements and flag warrantable parts and assets directly from the work order. Get highly visible warranty reporting, and gauge the value of agreements to impact future decision-making.

  • Track missed warranty opportunities and chronic failures
  • Flag warrantable parts and labor from the work order
  • Increase warranty recovery for service parts
  • Receive due-date notifications for your part return policies
  • Use alerts or metrics to determine failure patterns
  • Increase accountability with data-driven facts
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Data, analytics, and reporting tools

Process data using advanced statistical algorithms at the click of a button, and transform large datasets into concise, visual reports. Convert accurate data into well-informed management decisions. Roll up data to see high-level insights, or drill into every last detail.

  • Create interactive data visualizations
  • Access pivot tables that average, collate, and trend data
  • Understand the health of operations with a simplified dashboard
  • Manage by exception with live event reports
  • Understand your total cost of ownership
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Third party integration

We believe an effective EAM Maintenance software talks to all your enterprise apps. Integrate all of your operational technologies, so there are no silos along the way.

  • Automate your initial data setup
  • Decrease manual reconciliation and data entry
  • Run with a real-time flow of data between your teams, suppliers, and systems
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"The biggest benefit is our improved decision-making based on hard facts."

Calfrac Well Services
Shane Miller
Senior Asset Manager Global Operations