Introducing, Cetaris Vendor

A platform to help your vendors track, complete, and collaborate on outside repairs right from your maintenance system. Simply integrate outside work. Use of Cetaris Vendor requires the purchase of maintenance software.


Why Cetaris Vendor?

  • Approve 3rd party work

    Create instant alignment between your team and your vendors.

  • Reduce data entry

    Flow live updates about outside work straight into your maintenance system.

  • Improve visibility into outside work

    Receive notifications about changes, updates, and areas requiring approval.

Vendor dashboard

Help your 3rd parties increase their efficiency with an app that helps them manage priorities, track the completion of your POs. Help your vendors:

  • Track PO Completion over time to manage turnaround time.
  • See Draft, Open, and Complete POs
  • Manage tasks by deadlines
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Vendor notifications

Stay connected to your vendors with live notifications as you request, approve, and modify purchase orders.

  • Vendors receive real-time notices when you request a PO
  • If you modify parts, labor, and more, a notice is sent to your vendor
  • Find out the instant a purchase order is complete
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Purchase order list

Help your vendors plan and prioritize their work. Vendors can access a list of your POs ordered chronologically and by deadline. Help them to:

  • Plan and optimize their work
  • Easily view any updates and changes you make
  • Update you on their work from any device
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"Cetaris helps us integrate our business processes with our outside vendors electronically to improve efficiency."

Swift Transportation Company
Tim Burks
Director of Maintenance Corporate Services