Cetaris Fleet and Fixed Asset

Maintenance software for the grocery industry

Cetaris helps grocery companies to boost their maintenance operations for their fleet and fixed assets.


  • Increase grocery operations profitability

    Capture all your supplier and service parts warranty.

  • Achieve high heater and chiller reliability

    Forecast and reduce component failures improving asset uptime.

  • Secure your data

    Keep your data safe with SOC II compliant maintenance software.

  • Meet safety and compliance requirements

    Document maintenance, save audit trails, and track compliance.

Equipment management

Track and manage maintenance scheduling for all types of assets from ovens, scales, conveyor belts, to reefers and trucks.

  • Lengthen asset lifecycles
  • Streamline costs and repairs
  • Reduce the risk of equipment breakdowns
  • Automate preventive maintenance task

Inventory optimization

Integrate work orders with inventory systems.

  • Monitor stock levels
  • Keep the right amount of inventory based on usage
  • Automate part ordering

Work order management

Streamline work order processes and repair scheduling.

  • Create and track maintenance requests
  • Prioritize repairs
  • Keep repairs streamlined with standard repair times
  • Automate work order creation based on PMs

Compliance and safety

Ensure compliance by scheduling and documenting routine inspections.

  • Perform safety checks
  • Schedule inspections and stay on top of critical maintenance
  • Stay on top of safety related maintenance
  • Keep a record of maintenance

Analytics and reporting

Create robust reports on equipment performance, maintenance history, and costs.

  • Make data-driven decisions based on the facts
  • Predict maintenance needs
  • Identify trends

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