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Monitor, measure, and optimize your maintenance operations

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How it works

Gain a timely ROI

Increase warranty and core capture while streamlining part, fuel, and labor costs.

“The warranty module is so thorough and powerful, we gained our ROI in only 1 year.”

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Gain a ROI using warranty capture

Go mobile

With our user-friendly mobile suite, your team can drive better maintenance wherever they are.

“Cetaris Fix has simplified the work order process. Our most seasoned and experienced technicians can learn to process WOs with ease.”

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Stay integrated

Pipe in data from the tools that are core to your business with 1000+ integration opportunities.

“Cetaris helps us integrate our business processes with our outside vendors electronically to improve efficiency."

Transform labor and asset uptime

Automate task management, so your team spends more time on the work that matters.

“Cetaris allows us to have a high level of visibility into our very large number of assets so we can continuously identify and close gaps in our maintenance operation.”

Create more labor and asset uptime

Turn data into insights

Respond to operational issues in real-time, measure impact, and deepen operational decision-making.

"The biggest benefit is our improved decision-making based on hard facts.”

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