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Manage maintenance while capturing high quality data

Discover why Cetaris is the best fleet maintenance software for driving business value according to an independent study conducted by SofwareReviews.

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Why Choose Cetaris ?

  • Built for ROI

    Gain the lowest operating cost by streamlining your part, labor, and fuel costs.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Schedule PMs to keep assets safe and compliant while decreasing breakdowns.

  • System Integration

    Connect your business systems and improve accuracy with built-in validation.

Fleet maintenance software built to save you time and money

Get the best software to optimize your maintenance operations.


Optimize labor productivity

Simplify work order management with the tools to keep your team focused on the right work. Plus, improve visibility into asset availability, shift scheduling, and task progress with real-time reports.

  • Track work orders
  • Automate PM schedules
  • Meet safety and compliance standards
  • Document all work completed
  • Benchmark with Standard Repair Times (SRTs)
  • Schedule shifts ahead to increase productivity
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Increase warranty reimbursement

Are you missing out on supplier warranty? Automate your warranty process by tracking agreements and flagging warrantable parts and labor from the work order.

  • Track failure patterns to increase OEM accountability
  • Identify chronic repairs that occur outside of warranty
  • Measure the value of your warranties (OEM, Extended, Parts Replacement, etc)
  • Encourage supplier payments with aged trial balance reports
  • Report on missed warranties, chronic repairs, and more
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Integrate your system

We understand that a powerful solution is one that talks to your other enterprise apps. Cetaris Fleet seamlessly integrates with over 150+ third parties to eliminate information silos.

  • Integrate mission-critical systems from ERP to Telematics
  • Increase productivity and data accuracy with automation
  • Eliminate manual reconciliation and manual data entry
  • Flow data between all your systems in real-time
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Report on maintenance

Gain simple reports backed by data science and AI. Visualize changes, and keep ahead of the curve with predictive analytic tools. Above all, stay informed with the right data at the right time.

  • Monitor changes in real-time with reports
  • Understand your future critical path with predictive analytics
  • Benchmark your operations with industry-standard metrics and KPIs
  • Visualize data to support evidence-based decision making
  • Understand trends with predictive maintenance reports
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Frequently asked questions:

How much does fleet maintenance software cost?

The answer is: it depends on the system.

Overall, fleet maintenance software can range from free up to thousands of dollars per month. But most software designed for fleets will be priced per asset instead of per user. Then, add-ons from services, integrations, and premium features will be factored in. Usually, a good software partner will have a solid requirements-building phase that is then used to deliver a detailed quote, after some refinements they will deliver a final proposal.

For example, Cetaris pricing is built for each fleet around their unique needs and requirements. We base our monthly fees on the number of assets in your fleet plus customizations. All in all, most Cetaris customers pay at least +$1000/month. We are a mid-market solution, not the lowest cost or most expensive. Instead, we have the strongest focus on value and ensuring you achieve an ROI for your software purchase.  According to recent 3rd party research, Cetaris was ranked the best of all Fleet Management providers for creating business value.

What does fleet maintenance management software do?

Fleet management software is an umbrella term for software designed to help with the overall management of a fleet. Maintenance software allows fleet managers to focus in on the maintenance process to drive process optimizations.

Key features of the Cetaris maintenance system are:

  • Reports on maintenance of assets
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Alerts for repairs
  • Inventory management
  • Warranty tracking
  • A work order system to track repairs
  • DOT compliance
  • Comprehensive business intelligence reporting
  • Talks with other software systems
  • And much more

How do I keep track of fleet maintenance?

Generally, fleet maintenance accounts for around 20% of a trucking company’s total costs behind fuel costs and lease payments. Whether you are outsourcing or completing most of your maintenance in-house, the key to taking control of your maintenance regimen is compiling high-quality data. In the past, this was done on paper or with spreadsheets. But organizations that want accurate, real-time insights should consider fleet maintenance software.

"Cetaris supports a high level of performance in our fleet operations."

Chris Carter
Fleet Purchasing and Engineering