Case Study

How PAM Transport centralized their maintenance data with Cetaris

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Mar 7, 2024

Discover how PAM Transit completed a digital transformation by centralizing maintenance and repair data to optimize its business intelligence. Read on to discover their story!

Meet PAM Transport

PAM Transport is a leading transportation company that manages and maintains over 2,000 tractors and 6,000 trailers. PAM has a short focus on operational efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. As Analytics Manager, Daniel Cadiz oversees the management of vast amounts of data crucial for maintaining PAM Transport’s fleet. Cadiz turned to Cetaris, a comprehensive fleet maintenance software solution with robust data capture and reporting capabilities to streamline their data workflows and enhance insights.

The Problem: Tracking Data Across Multiple Systems

Before integrating Cetaris, PAM Transport encountered several challenges with managing their fleet’s maintenance data. These included:

  1. Data Fragmentation: Maintenance data was scattered across various systems, making it difficult to consolidate and analyze effectively.
  2. Lack of Integration: The absence of a centralized system hindered the seamless integration of maintenance data with other operational metrics.
  3. Complex Mapping: Mapping maintenance activities and costs proved to be a cumbersome process due to disparate data sources.

The PAM Transport team recognized the need for a robust fleet maintenance software solution to address these challenges. After evaluating several options, PAM selected Cetaris, a tool designed to streamline maintenance operations, optimize data flows, and integrate with other crucial business systems.

PAM’s Secret to Accurate and Centralized Data

  1. Centralized Data Repository: Cetaris provided PAM Transport with a centralized platform to store and manage all maintenance-related data. This consolidation eliminated data silos, enabling easy access and retrieval of information.
  2. Enhanced Integration: With Cetaris, PAM Transport could seamlessly integrate maintenance data with other systems, allowing seamless reporting on fleet performance. Daniel Cadiz emphasized, “We try and take data from Cetaris and incorporate it with data from other systems to try and understand the data that’s coming from Cetaris better or to help supplement our other systems.”
  3. Simplified Mapping: Cetaris streamlined the mapping of maintenance activities and costs by providing a unified interface for data visualization and analysis. Cadiz noted, “Mapping information is a lot easier because everything comes from one system and it’s all incorporated together.”
  4. Operational Efficiency: By automating routine maintenance tasks and optimizing workflows, Cetaris helped Pam Transport improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime. This translated to cost savings and enhanced fleet reliability.

Results and Impact

Looking ahead, Pam Transport remains committed to leveraging Cetaris to further enhance fleet maintenance operations. Daniel Cadiz emphasized that Cetaris is the best-fit solution for other organizations prioritizing data accuracy, integration, and reporting. “If there was another company that was asking which system to incorporate, I would point them towards Cetaris first.”

Overall, by integrating Cetaris fleet maintenance software, PAM Transport successfully overcame data management challenges and achieved greater operational efficiency. Daniel Cadiz’s strategic approach to data optimization highlights the significance of strategically approaching data governance while selecting the best-fit maintenance software.

By leveraging Cetaris, PAM was able to overcome challenges created by siloed and decentralized data.  Discover how Cetaris is used by industry-leading transportation companies to centralize maintenance data. Request a demo or request pricing today!