Case Study

How Heyl Truck Lines increased warranty reimbursements by 990%

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on May 17, 2022

The Quick Metrics

⬆ 990% YOY
Warranty reimbursement percent increase 1 year after implementing Cetaris

⬆ 133%

Warranty ROI


Net Warranty Returns

Total Software Investment

x 100*

*Note: This number doesn’t include returns from other benefits including parts, labor, and asset management.

The search for maintenance software with a focus on ROI

Heyl is an award winning truck carrier out of Akron, Iowa. They’re a fleet of 1,700 assets that haul freight across the United States and Canada. They specialize in temperature-controlled commodities and dry freight. In 2020, they went on the hunt to select a software system that could integrate with their fleet management software solution, McLeod Loadmaster and extend their maintenance automation capabilities.

Heyl was looking for a maintenance solution that would move the needle in three areas: predictive and preventive maintenance process, warranty reimbursements, repair and productivity visibility.

Before implementing Cetaris fleet maintenance software, they were using a manual and memory-based system to flag and process warranty claims – meaning that whenever their Service Writer forgot, warranty dollars would slip by unclaimed. This manual system also required road break down and shop personnel to understand warranty agreements across several suppliers. The opportunity for warranty dollars to slip through the cracks unclaimed was extremely high.

The solution

Cetaris software helps Heyl Truck Lines to continuously increase profitability across multiple areas, though the warranty module alone has been a powerful contributor. Their increase in warranty dollars recaptured alone has led to an annualized ROI of 133% in just over a year.

A year after implementing the Cetaris warranty module, warranty reimbursement has increased by 990% between OEM, extended, and policy warranty.

“Cetaris identified the assets in our fleet that had remaining warranty or possible warranty available from a supplier based on VMRS codes,” said Ashley Den Ouden, Warranty Manager in Maintenance at Heyl Truck Lines.

“As an operating system, Cetaris helps us with accountability in our day-to-day maintenance processes and brings visibility to warranty and policy recoveries by supplier. After implementation, warranty claims quickly stacked up which created opportunities for us to overhaul many of our maintenance processes.”

“After implementation, warranty claims quickly stacked up which created opportunities for us to overhaul many of our maintenance processes”

And they’re not finished yet! Heyl continues to find new ways to fine-tune their maintenance operations, increase connectivity with integration, and improve their ROI with Cetaris. They are getting ready to implement part replacement warranty to further move the needle on warranty gains.