Case Study

How a facility decreased repair overtime by 90%

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on May 26, 2022

Maintaining your shop’s bottom line can be challenging. Let’s see how world-class maintenance teams increase their ROI with Cetaris software.

This is Robin, a maintenance manager for a facility. Before using Cetaris, Robin struggled with a facility that was always busy, but not always productive. There were 2 difficulties Robin wanted to address with her purchase of Cetaris maintenance software.

  1. Her first priority was the shop’s workflow and productivity.A lack of pre-assigned work was creating an ecosystem that was more reactive than proactive. Plus, complicated manual processes and a lack of structure and standardization lead to bloated wrench hours and asset downtime.
  2. Her second priority was parts management. During repairs, long part wait times were only making productivity issues worse. Parts availability was low, and this was interrupting the repair process for more than half of the equipment that entered the shop.

To address workflow and productivity in the shop, Robin started with a simple goal to decrease wrench hours. Using Cetaris, she defined book times using the Standard Repair Times feature. This helped her to easily schedule work and identify excess repair times or training issues. She also used standard job templates to produce greater consistency for common, repeatable repairs.

Then, she focused on long part wait times by tackling parts availability. She used Cetaris to automate the parts process and ensure the right parts were always on hand when they were needed.

So, what were the results?

Robin was able to move the needle on excess downtime, wrench hours, and part costs. And the shop’s productivity skyrocketed. Repair times were halved and repair overtime decreased by 90%. The shop experienced a significant overall cost reduction! And they are still finding new workflow optimizations every day.

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