How a bus company reduced maintenance costs with Cetaris

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Nov 25, 2019

Meet the customer

Our customer is named Ted. Ted is a System Administrator for a Cetaris customer in the bus industry. Today, we’re outlining Ted’s story using Cetaris.

Ted’s challenge

Our company started as a Break/Fix organization, where we paid for repairs as needed without carefully scheduling our PMs or tracking warranty. Our primary business goal was to transition its maintenance shop structure to a Preventative Maintenance organization.

The solution

The Cetaris software is built in a way that recognizes that our success was built on two things:

User adoption

With a clear strategy for implementing and training our staff on the new maintenance system, we cut through the chaos, increased team-wide satisfaction, and avoided technical problems.

Proving our ROI

Our team was empowered with the tools to measure the return for each investment we made. This helped us to continuously prove the success of the project to our upper-level management.

The results

As a result of the Cetaris implementation, we realized some valuable results in the first 18-months:

  • 51% reduction in road failures
  • 15% reduction in maintenance costs

“At its core, Cetaris Fleet is a product that was built from a business point of view. The underlying capabilities of the software helped change the way we think about our business.”

Be like Ted. Find out how to reduce your maintenance costs today.