What’s new in the Cetaris Version 11 general release?

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Aug 3, 2023


Discover what's new in our latest release, Cetaris Version 11 — from new mobile and web apps to a next-generation redesign of our flagship product.

Read on for 2023’s Version 11 General Release. Or, check out our new app release for Cetaris Plan.

New in Cetaris Version 11 – General Release

Cetaris Version 11 includes several new features and bug fixes to improve functionality and system performance. All applications in the Cetaris suite, including Cetaris Fleet, Cetaris Fixed Asset, Fix, Count, Vendor, Approve, and Plan, have enhanced security, including adding a new multi-factor authentication (MFA) login process. Let’s get into all the changes starting with our flagship application, Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset.

Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset in Version 11

Configure Warranty by Work Accomplished and Part Failure
Administrators can now configure specific Work Accomplished (WA) and Part Failure codes to trigger a warranty flag. When a work order is created, and the specified codes are selected in the labor or part line, the warranty is flagged to optimize warranty reimbursement.

New Permissions for adding Repair Lines to Work Orders

In Version 11, administrators have new permission available to tailor how Standard Jobs (SJs) and Preventive Maintenance (PMs) are added to work orders and DVCR repair lines. Multiple security permissions have been introduced to limit which standard job types can be added to work orders.

Restrict Users
Administrators can now restrict some users from adding standard jobs and Driver Vehicle Condition Reports (DVCRs) containing standard job and/or preventive maintenance tasks to work orders.

Ensure SJs and PMs are added to repair lines
When a user creates a DVCR and/or Work Order and adds a repair line, they can now be required to add outstanding standard jobs (SJs) and preventive maintenance (PMs). In addition, new permissions allow a subset of users to create work order repair lines and DVCRs without adding SJs or PMs.

Auto-generate work orders based on mileage
The Cetaris system can now be used to generate work orders based on the Miles, KMs, and/or Hours Look Ahead values specified within the standard job schedule.

New Part Replacement Warranty Life Remaining QBE
This QBE will identify the number of days remaining on a part warranty.

Add images to the Inspection Template
Images can now be added, replaced, and removed on Inspection Templates.

Auto-populate the Beginning Date on an Extended Warranty
When an Extended Warranty Agreement is assigned to an asset, the system will auto-populate the Beginning Date field with the default effective date specified on the Extended Warranty.

Enhanced WO Review Process
We’ve simplified the work order review process by adding the ability to flag a work order in Cetaris Fix for review. If a technician needs to confirm their repair has been completed to the best quality standards, they can request a review of their repair from a shop manager or lead technician. This can also be used by organizations implementing a skills mentorship model whereby experienced technicians or supervisors can review the work of entry-level technicians. An additional use for this feature is to ensure that safety and compliance standards are adequately met before an asset is returned to service. This feature has an integration with Cetaris Fix.

Edit User System Colors
Your screen’s foreground and background colors can be customized. This will allow users to override the Corporation System Colors and personalize the color scheme as per their preference.

Specify the number of days to look back in warranty history
In Version 11, we’ve introduced a new NVP flag for Administrators to specify the number of days the Cetaris application should go back in history to detect and update warranties on work orders. The supported number of days is between 1 and 730 days. The system can be configured to look back through warranty history to detect changes and update warranties on past work orders.

The next-generation redesign of Parts Purchase Order (PPO)
In the Parts module, the Add PPO process and PPO records have been redesigned with our newly enhanced cloud-based architecture. This change allows us to instantly deliver new upgrades and bug fixes without the lengthy deployment process. In addition, the new redesign focuses on usability and streamlining the parts ordering process. Updates include:

  • Added time to Due Date field: You can now plan due dates down to the minute by specifying a time.
  • Default Payment Method or Term: Payment Method and Payment Term are defaulted from the Supplier when a parts purchase order is created.
  • Notify users when their PPO is approved: Users submitting the PPO for approval will receive a notification via the Cetaris application when a PPO is approved.
  • Gain visibility into who is viewing a PPO: Ability to see who is viewing and editing the PPO.
  • View Supplier Location: The header now shows the Supplier Location on the Part Purchase Order page.
  • View Bin Locations: When a PPO is Received, the Part Main Bin and Sub-Bin become available on the Parts tab to allow you to put parts away.
  • Improved Saving Options: The user can save the PPO during the receiving phase.

System Integrated Modules (SIMs)

Tchek Virtual Mastercard®

The EFS (Electronic Funds Source) version 6 Tchek Virtual MasterCard® electronic payment integration has been upgraded to version 8. In version 8, MCMG (Master Card merchant group) support has been added; they can be assigned virtual cards and can be used to restrict cards to specific MCCs (merchant category codes).

Work Order PDF Generation SIM
This SIM can print WOs and OPO in PDF format, send the PDF documents to an email, and/or place it in the pre-configured folder.

Advanced Reporting

Addition of AR Cube Info Detail and AR Dimension Info Detail dimension
These dimensions contain AR cube measure and dimension attribute descriptions which replace the Cetaris Advanced Report Data Model document.

Enhanced accuracy and comprehensiveness of tire performance forecasting
Tire performance forecasting has been optimized by incorporating key dimensions and measures related to tire RUL prediction by using the Cetaris Inspection model to collect essential data on tire tread depth.

Add Mean Time Between Failure
Removed Mean Time Between Repair and meter type-based Mean Time Between Failure and Asset Availability.

Other enhancements:

  • Added PO Delivery Receipt in PO Detail dimension.
  • Added Part Master dimension in WO cube and connected Part Master to WO Part
  • Moved Part Criticality from Part Master Sku to Part Master dimension
  • Added a new field, Is Entry Level Technician, in the Employee dimension

Power BI Reports

Power BI Reports can now be integrated into the Cetaris Dashboard for Customers hosted in Cetaris’s environment and who use Advanced Reporting. This will include 12 Cetaris-created default reports as well as offer the option to create your own reports using Advanced Reporting as the Data Source. The standard reports will be:

  • Asset Availability
  • Asset Cost
  • Asset Cost Per Meter Type
  • Asset Downtime Caused by Breakdowns
  • Cost of Breakdown Repair
  • Cost of Breakdown Repair
  • Emergency Labor Hours
  • Fuel Cost Per Meter Type
  • Executive KPIs
  • Mean Time Between Repair
  • Mean Time Between Failures
  • PM Effectiveness
  • PM Efficiency
  • WO Cost Summary

Cetaris Mobile and Web Apps in Verion 11

New features, enhancements, and apps included in Cetaris version 11 are as follows:

Cetaris Plan

Cetaris Plan is a new scheduling app that makes planning and prioritizing repairs easy. So your team can spend less time reacting to changes and more time focused on mission-critical work. The first release of Plan includes a few key features:

User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Interface
Easily rearrange work orders, allocate specific tasks, and plan shifts for each technician, all with a few clicks. This user-friendly interface ensures efficient and error-free scheduling, reducing the risk of miscommunication and scheduling errors.

Compare planned work to actual work
Toggle between a technician’s real-time activity vs. their scheduled tasks to ensure alignment and accurately track progress.

Automated alerts and warnings

Receive automated warnings when a task runs over its allotted time and critical notifications when high-priority items remain unscheduled. Stay in control of your operations and avoid costly delays.

Customizable views and filters

Filter and organize your schedules based on the views that matter to you. Easily view preventive maintenance (PM) tasks by reason for repair and effortlessly build your technician schedules by assigning tasks. Gain valuable insights into repairs based on shifts, allowing you to optimize your workforce allocation.

Cetaris Fix

Cetaris Fix is our technician productivity app that allows you to track repairs from any device.

New My Schedule view

Technicians can view their daily tasks and schedule with our Cetaris Plan integration.

Trigger warranty with more flexibility

Now you can specify Work Accomplished and Part Failure codes that should trigger warranty. In the past, you could only set Reason for Repair codes to flag warranty.

Enhanced permissions

Newly added permissions include:

  • Overlapping time permissions allow administrators of Cetaris to correct repair times by allowing them to make changes to repair times that may have conflicts. Previously, a user with Overlapping Time permissions in the Cetaris application would be blocked from using the Fix app. These users may now log in to Fix without issue.
  • Control whether a supplier and/or technician can add certain types of standard jobs to a work order task or repair line.
  • Or prevent a supplier and/or technician from adding a repair line without a standard job.

New Work Orders review process

Allow your technicians to request a review of their work before an asset is returned to service. This is designed to enhance your safety practices and allow for mentorship opportunities. Now certified technicians or shop managers can verify and approve repairs.

Visualize repairs with photos

We have introduced the ability to add a photo while creating a new task.

Cetaris Vendor

Cetaris Vendor is a vendor management platform that allows you to track and optimize outside work.

Enhanced permissions

Newly added permissions include:

  • Control whether a supplier and/or technician can add certain types of standard jobs to a work order task or repair line.
  • Or prevent a supplier and/or technician from adding a repair line without a standard job.