Introducing, Cetaris Plan

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Aug 4, 2023

The “Waiting for instructions” Problem

Does this scene look familiar?

Manager: “Great job fixing the coolant leak and sweeping the bay. What are you working on now?”
Technician: “Hmm, not quite sure yet. I’m in a bit of a limbo – waiting for some direction here.”

It happens to the best of us. Without clear priorities and an established shift schedule, technicians may lack insight on which task to tackle next. And honestly, this poses problems for managers too, who may not have the visibility they need to understand and compare planned vs. actual work and keep their team on task.

I call it: Waiting for instruction-itis, and the symptoms can impact productivity leading to prolonged breaks, idle hours, unnecessary overtime on indirect tasks, and even a decline in job satisfaction. With a technician shortage, these everyday challenges only add fuel to a complex fire. To make matters worse, operational inefficiencies can cause increased asset downtime, rising costs, and unhappy customers. The lack of clarity can transform even the highest-performing maintenance team into a reactive one.

That’s why we built Cetaris Plan, a tool to revolutionize maintenance planning and scheduling. Our latest app is designed to eliminate the “waiting for instructions” problem and boost productivity to new heights.

What is Cetaris Plan?

Cetaris Plan is a scheduling app that makes planning and prioritizing repairs easy to help your team stay focused on the work that matters. Plan ahead, pivot when things change, and report on planned vs actual hours. Then, integrate your schedules with Cetaris Fix to simplify communication, reduce scheduling errors, and optimize task management.

What are the benefits of Cetaris Plan?

The highlights:

  • Compare planned to actual work. Toggle between technician activity vs. what they are scheduled to work on. Match up schedules and timecards
  • Get alerted. Automate warnings when a task runs over. And get critical warnings when a high-priority item is unscheduled
  • Filter by the views that matter. View PMs by reason for repair, and then drag and drop to build your tech’s schedules. See a breakdown of labor based on the shift
  • Implement Standard Repair Times. Built-in Standard Repair Time (SRTs) to motivate team members and support reporting

The longer version:

Plan ahead and stay agile

With Cetaris Plan, the power of planning ahead is at your fingertips. The app empowers you to visualize the shop capacity by day or by month, allowing you to allocate resources and labor hours efficiently. Define your shop’s capacity based on technician labor hours, and leverage dynamic planning for breaks, meals, and shifts. The simple drag-and-drop interface lets you plan a technician’s shift effortlessly, ensuring every minute is accounted for.

Connect your teams

Remove silos and scheduling miscommunications. Cetaris Plan seamlessly integrates with Cetaris Fix, creating a comprehensive ecosystem for your maintenance operations. You can use Cetaris Plan to build daily and monthly shift schedules and then publish the schedule to Cetaris Fix, our work order tracking app.

Take control of repairs

When it comes to managing repairs, Cetaris Plan gives you the tools to stay ahead. For instance, you can search through your assets to determine what repairs have been planned and what still need attention in the future or based on historical data. Gain real-time insights into technician activity, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the progress of each task.

Manage tasks with built-in prioritization

Prioritization is critical to any successful maintenance operation. Cetaris Plan allows you to prioritize work based on critical tasks, ensuring that your team promptly addresses the most urgent issues. By comparing actual work against the scheduled tasks, you can make data-driven decisions to improve schedule compliance.

Proactive planning and predictive maintenance

One of the standout features of Cetaris Plan is its ability to help you level out the workload for your team. By employing proactive planning, you can smooth out the highs and lows in your team’s workload, increasing productivity and reducing burnout. What’s more, the app enables you to predict future repairs, helping you stay ahead of potential issues and prevent costly breakdowns.

Features for enhanced efficiency

Cetaris Plan comes with features designed to enhance your maintenance scheduling process further. In other words, you can easily compare planned work against actual technician activity, ensuring everything stays on track. Receive automated alerts when a task runs over its designated time or when a high-priority item remains unscheduled, keeping you informed and proactive.

Filtering capabilities allow you to view preventive maintenance tasks based on reasons for repair, simplifying the process of building your technician’s schedules. Plus, Cetaris Plan incorporates built-in Standard Repair Times (SRTs) to motivate your team members and provide valuable data for reporting and optimization.

Maintenance scheduling just got easier

Cetaris Plan is a scheduling app with a user-friendly interface that allows maintenance teams to streamline repair scheduling, improve efficiency, and reduce costly downtime.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, Cetaris Plan scales to your unique needs. Above all, you can take control of your maintenance operations like never before. Embrace the power of proactive planning and predictive maintenance with Cetaris Plan to ensure your team is always working towards optimal.

Available with Cetaris Maintenance Software

Cetaris Plan can be added to any Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset subscription. Request A Demo to learn more.