Product Update: Cetaris Flagship Product Release Version 10

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on May 17, 2022

Read on for April 2021’s Version 10 Release of Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset. Or, check out our latest mobile apps in version 10.

New in Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset

Cetaris Version 10 contains a variety of new features, added reports, and QBEs, as well as issue resolutions to improve functionality and system performance. Find out about the top features in the latest upcoming release.

Partially Receive a Part Transfer

The Part Transfer Process has been enhanced to allow a partial quantity to be ‘received’ on a Part Transfer document.

A Part Transfer can be either ‘Partially Received’ (quantity has to be manually specified) or it can be set to ‘Completed’ (if quantity received = quantity shipped) on an “In-transit’ Part Transfer.

Exchange a Core Using Part Sale

The Part Core Sale functionality provides the ability to track cores exchanged on the sale document as well as the associated core cost.

‘Core Detail’ panel has been added to the Part Sale UI to monitor the core quantity and core cost of the old parts that are returned by customers while purchasing new parts. This section also helps you keep track of the expected quantity of core parts to be returned versus the actual quantity.

Transfer Cores between Inventory Sites

New functionality has been introduced in the Part Core process to allow you to Transfer and Receive part cores from one inventory site to another.

When a core is in the “In-inventory” status, you will be able to transfer the core to another facility and receive it at the destination inventory site. The core can be shipped to a supplier, written off, restocked, or transferred to another site.

Create Templates for Mobile Inspections

The ‘Inspection’ feature in Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset has been enhanced to function with mobile Inspection in Cetaris Fix.

The ability to group Inspection items by Sections and to configure one or more ‘Actions’ for each item has been introduced in version 10.

Inspections have been added to Standard Jobs to facilitate scheduling. These standard jobs can be performed using the Fix mobile application.

Assign a Facility to a ‘Division’ and ‘Region’

Division and Region hierarchy can now be specified in the Facility module.

Division is the highest level, followed by Region. Regions are linked to specific Divisions under which facilities are set.

Add Legal Terms to Purchase Orders and Customized Remarks to Reports

In Cetaris 10, you can create custom remarks that will display in the footer when you print a part or outside purchase order. You can also automatically add legal terms to any purchase order. This is set up in a lookup table under Admin called Report Customized Remark and Legal Terms.

Drag and Drop Attachment/Emails from Outlook into Cetaris

In Cetaris version 10, you will be able to drag and drop attachments or emails from Cetaris to your computers or email and vice versa. This feature can be used for modules supporting Messages.

You will also be able to drag and drop email content to the ‘Enter Note / Hyperlink’ area.

Ability to include Standard Job on existing DVCR Repair Line

The DVCR Process has been enhanced to allow the addition of a Standard Job (SJ) to an existing DVCR Repair Line. This will allow Shop/Maintenance to add a Standard Job after a driver logs a DVCR repair request.

The SJ field will be enabled if it was originally blank.

Rearrange and Move Tabs

You will have the ability to move open Cetaris tabs to another monitor and also change the order the tabs appear in on their screens.

Turn Spell Check On and Off

The Spell Check feature introduced in 10 covers the following controls (fields) within Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset:

  • Complaint, Cause, and Correction (Work Order and Warranty Claim)
  • Technician Remarks (WO Labor Repair Line)
  • Description (Standard Job)
  • Technician Remark, Comments, Progressive Damage, and Remark (Warranty Claim)
  • Issue Description (Road Call Center)

Collapse Explorer Items

Explorer items can be collapsed with one mouse click. A ‘Collapse All’ button has been added to the Explorer to facilitate it.

Ability to change Menu, Explorer, and Tab color

Administrators can change the foreground and the background color of the Menu bar, Explorer, and Tabs. This setting is done at the Corporate level.

Classification (Part Transfer, Part Replenishment and Part Allocation)

The Classification field added to the Part Transfer, Part Replenishment, and Part Allocation (Central Purchasing) User Interfaces will allow users to specify and, allocate parts by their classification.

Classification (Part Transfer)

Classification is added to the header of the Part Transfer UI and can be selected when the Part Transfer is in Pending status.

Classification (Part Replenishment)

Classification is added to the header of the Part Replenishment screen. This allows for Part Replenishment to be filtered by the specified Classification.

Classification (Part Allocation – Central Purchasing and Allocation)

Classification is added to the Part Allocation screen as a filter and result column within the Process Transfers tab.

Barcodes for Part Transfers

Barcodes can now be created for Part Transfers. Users will be able to configure the number of labels to print based on the PT status.

New NVP flags have also been introduced to set the maximum number of labels that can be printed for each request, to warn the user if this number is exceeded and to determine which barcode template should be used for Serialized Parts.

Transfer Work Order to another Facility

The Transfer Work Order to another Facility functionality will allow users to change the Facility on To Be Done or In-Process Work Orders.

The Transfer Work Order to another Facility utility can be accessed from the WO Module menu.

Exclude Work Accomplished (WA) based on the Reason For Repair (RFR)

In Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset, system administrators can configure work accomplished exclusions by reason for repair in the Admin module. If there is an exclusion configured for that Work Accomplished code, technicians will not see it in the WA drop down list in the repair line.

Select Equipment without Warranty Assignment QBE

The new QBE, Select Equipment without Warranty Assignment can be used to identify new assets that are not assigned to any Manufacturer Warranty Agreement.

The result grid will display all assets that do not have any active assignments.

New QBES to support System Integration Modules (SIMs)

  1. Equipment SJ Assignments Import SIM
    This QBE can be used as a template to import SJ Assignments using the SJAssignment Import SIM. It will display 5 PMs/SJs assigned to an Asset.
  2. Equipment Part Import SIM
    This QBE can be used as a template to import parts or to view assets that have parts in the Equipment UI/Parts tab.
  3. 4 new QBEs to support “Platform Science” SIMs
    Introduced four new QBEs to support “Platform Science” telematics data relating to DVCR and VIR.
    These QBEs will be available only if DVCR SIM integration with Platform Science exists.

New Advanced Reporting (AR) Features

Equipment Inspections Cube

The cube can be used to create reports for viewing generic inspections and tire inspection information.

Outside Repair Cube

The cube can be used to create reports for viewing repair/labor/part costs from the originating work order that are included in the purchase order.

Debit/Credit Cube

The cube can be used to create reports for viewing either a summary listing or detail listing of the Debits/Credits associated with a transaction.

Meter Reading Cube

The cube can be used to create reports for viewing the meter reading history that provides the details of meter readings captured by company, fleet, and asset number.

Add Primary RFR in WO Cube

Primary RFR dimension is based on the Reason For Repair in the WO header level, and the original Reason For Repair dimension is used in the WO line level.

If you have reports created with WO Header cube and using [Reason For Repair] dimension in 8 AR or older version, you need to update it to use PrimaryRFR dimension.

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