New product release: Cetaris Vendor in Version 10

Written By: Michelle Farley, Lead UI / UX Designer, on Mar 4, 2022

New Product Alert 🚨

Cetaris Vendor is a web interface designed for Cetaris users to collaborate with their vendors and 3rd party suppliers by securely sending, receiving, or updating purchase orders from any device. Suppliers will have the flexibility of creating and collaborating with customers on POs from quotation to completion.

What are the benefits?

  • Approve 3rd party work
  • Reduce data entry
  • Improve visibility into outside work

Let’s get into the features 👇

Vendor Dashboard

Vendor includes a Dashboard to view key performance indicators, review changes to purchase orders, and other insights that matter to your business.

View Purchase Order Lists

Your Vendors can quickly access a list of all the purchase orders related to the work as well as a prominent reminder of the Promise Date/Time.

Improve Efficiency of Outside Work

With automatic alerts between you and your vendors, you can say goodbye to clunky manual communication and say hello to real-time updates and alerts as the status of your work changes.

Create and customize inspection checklists and allow your inspection team to walk through the checklist using mobile or voice. Create unique inspections by asset, make, or model. Easily attach photos and notes to an inspection line. Add logic to your digital inspections by making certain steps required based on answers in the inspection. Set up different inspection line types based on the type of information you want to capture: multiple selectors, dropdowns, open text fields, numerical fields, barcode scanner, date/time fields, and more.

Create Work Order Enhancement

Optimized the work order process to simplify the process of adding tasks and service reminders, while improving performance.

Track deadlines from the Task List

Due dates for PMs and DVCRs are visible right from the Task List, making it easier than ever for technicians to track due dates and prioritize work.

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