New product update: Cetaris Count 10 Mobile Release

Written By: Michelle Farley, Lead UI / UX Designer, on Mar 4, 2022

Cetaris Count 10

Our new inventory counting application is here to help you to manage your parts room by completing cycle counts. Using a mobile device to do your counts will improve the efficiency and accuracy by eliminating paper and creating real-time updates to counts. Read on for a list of features we think you will be excited about.


  • Bin list
  • Count sheet with a list of parts to count
  • Barcode scanning for parts and bins
  • Count history
  • Access to part details

Bin list

This is a digital list of all the bins that you need to count. For cycle counts, bins will show up in the list based on its usage and when the part was counted last. This can all be customized and set based on your organization’s workflow. From the bin list, you can quickly find the next bin that you need to count. You can also scan a new bin if you would like to count something that is not on the list.

Count sheet

Your count sheet will show you a list of parts that need to be counted for that bin. It has the ability to scan the part, search for the part, or simply look for it in the list. Find the part you want to count and then you can easily update the count number. With part numbers, photos, and descriptions doubling checking you are counting the correct part is fast and easy.

Barcode scanning for parts and bins

Finding a part in your count sheet is as easy as scanning a barcode. If you want to begin a count for a bin, you can simply do so by scanning the bin number using your device.

Count history

Access the history by quickly looking back on the bins you have counted. Review previous counts in chronological order. Plus, with the right permissions, users can quickly update bins and correct counts right from the count history.

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