9.0 release summary

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Sep 13, 2019

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Cetaris Version 9 Release Summary

Cetaris Version 9 contains a variety of new features, added reports, and QBEs, as well as issue resolutions to improve functionality and system performance. Find out about the top features in the latest upcoming release of Cetaris:

1) Digital Dashboard: New Visualizations and Report Builder.
2) Transfer Work Order to Another Asset.
3) Create a Warranty Claim with Multiple WO Repair Lines.
4) Access all Warranty Claim information from the Details Tab.
5) Calculate Smart Truck Routes in Bing Maps.

Digital Dashboard: New Visualizations

The Digital Dashboard also referred to as the Homepage has been enhanced to include new default KPIs. For customers using Advance Reporting
cubes, these visualizations can now be displayed on the Dashboard.

Digital Dashboard: KPI and Alerts Editor

The Dashboard Report Builder allows System Administrators to create custom Alerts and KPIs in the Cetaris application. Using the Report Builder tool, system administrators can create custom reports and publish them to be viewed on the Dashboard.

Transfer Work Order to Another Asset

The Transfer Work Order to Another Asset functionality will allow users to transfer a Work Order from one Asset to another. If all conditions to transfer the Work Order and Repair Lines are met, the system will create a new Work Order that contains the new Asset’s information.

The selected Repair Line(s)
will be copied to the new Work Order including Standard Jobs. Part Lines, Labor Lines, and OPOs on the selected Repair Line(s)
will also be moved to the new Work Order.

All Warranties, PMs, and Chronic Repairs will be detected on the new WO, if applicable. And, these will be recalculated on the original WO. If a DVCR exists, the
status will change back to To-Be-Done when transferred to the new WO.

Create a Warranty Claim with Multiple WO Repair Lines

The Create a Warranty Claim with Multiple WO Repair lines feature allows you to add Repair Lines from different Work Orders to an existing Warranty Claim.

This will allow users to combine warrantable Repair Lines from Work Orders
on a single warranty claim for a specific Asset.

Based on the business rules and permissions, users will be able to add labor and parts from other Work Orders to the primary Warranty Claim. The Expected Total of parts, labor, and other costs from all Repair Lines will be summarized in the Info panel.

Warranty Reimbursements can be distributed manually or configured to automatically apply to all repair lines. Reclaims are also supported.

Access all Warranty Claim information from the Details Tab

With the Access all Warranty Claim information from the Details feature, users will have a consolidated view of all labor, parts, and outside repairs under one tab on the Warranty Claim.

In addition to combining the Labor, Part, Outside, and Main
tabs, the enhanced Warranty Claim screen will include an Ownership
field to identify Owner Operator and Others.

Based on the Warranty Date, the number of months an asset has been service will also be available on the Warranty Claim.

We’ve also introduced the ability to default the Short Description and the Description
fields in the Warranty Claim.

Part Replacement History
has also been added to the Warranty Claim
screen. Even if the Part Number on each work order is different, all replacements for parts with identical VMRS codes will be captured in the Warranty Claim.

Calculate Smart Truck Routes with Cloud-based Maps

The Calculate Smart Truck Routes in Bing Maps is an enhancement to the existing feature to map Suppliers and/or Facilities
using Bing Maps.

In Cetaris 9.0, customers using a licensed version of Bing Maps will be able to map routes based on restrictions and other parameters that can be defined by the user. The suggested route maps the closest Facilities or Suppliers, taking a few factors into account: the specified vehicle/truck configuration, toll/highway restrictions, types of material being transported, and other parameters.

For Trucks, besides the standard toll or highway restrictions, you can also define vehicle specifications (length, width, axles, trailers etc), details of the hazardous material, and permits.

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