Cetaris 8.0 release summary

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Jul 6, 2018

Welcome to the 8.0 Release Summary

Welcome to the Cetaris Version 8.0 Release Summary! Read on for a high-level description of the top five upcoming new features: Overstock Replenishment, Central Purchasing / Allocation, Part Stock Date Alert / Audit History, Lock Exchange Rate on PPOs, and Part Reorder Point Import SIM QBE. This new release contains a variety of new features, added reports, and QBEs, as well as issue resolutions to improve functionality and system performance. See the key new features of the release below:

Overstock Replenishment and Transfer

Overstock Replenishment and Transfer allows organizations to source parts between internal partner facilities instead of purchasing the parts from outside vendors.

In 8.0, users can replenish parts at a facility by shipping parts from one or more facilities with an overstock quantity of the part. The Overstock Replenishment and Transfer feature allows you to seamlessly generate a part transfer between the overstock shipping facility and receiving facility.

Central Purchasing and Allocation Process

The Central Purchasing/Allocation process helps to replenish parts using a multi-level Hub-Terminal hierarchy. In the system, the receiving facility is called a Terminal. A Terminal is configured for part transfers with a shipping facility known as a Hub.

In this setup, the Hub facility is the replenishment provider for the Terminal facilities, even if the Hub facility does not have enough part quantity to transfer. When parts are replenished from the Hub facility, part transfers are created. Designated users at the Hub facility will then allocate parts to different documents required at the Terminal site (work order, part sale, part transfer, stock or part inventory), and ship the part transfer to the Terminal site after the allocation is complete.

Multiple pending part transfers for the same shipping and receiving sites will be merged into one pending part transfer document, at any given period of time. The Central Purchasing Hub will be the only facility that will purchase parts directly from supplier, and all other facilities making use of the Hub-Terminal hierarchy will depend on their respective Hub facilities for replenishment.

Parts Stock Date Alert /Audit History

The Part Stock Date Alert / Audit History QBE is a tool to manage and monitor part stock levels to make informed decisions.
Information provided in this QBE includes:

  • The date parts hit the minimum on-hand quantity
  • The date part on-hand quantity becomes zero or less
  • The date part on-hand quantity falls below safety stock
  • The date parts go below the minimum on-hand quantity:
    • The date the most recent replenishment PPO was created
    • The date when the most current replenishment PPO was received

Lock Exchange Rate on Parts Purchase Order (PPO)

With the Lock Exchange Rate on PPO feature, you now have the ability to lock the Currency Exchange Rate on Parts Purchase Orders. For PPOs created in a currency other than the base currency, users will now be able to override the exchange rate at every Status of the PPO workflow until Received.

Part Reorder Point Import SIM QBE

The Part Reorder Point Import SIM QBE was added to provide a starting point to calculate Part Reorder Point data outside of the Cetaris application. It can also be used in conjunction with the Part Import SIM. Some information available to export:

Part information related to the reorder including Min, Max, safety stock, and existing reorder point information from Cetaris

  1. Part history from the past 24 months to determine seasonal usage
  2. Templates for editing and re-importing data back into Cetaris