Top 5 fleet management groups on Linkedin

Written By: Sofie Bedard, Content Creator, on Apr 10, 2018

Our Choices

LinkedIn offers a seemingly endless stream of Fleet Management communities and groups designed to share resources, networking, and knowledge transfer opportunities. Whether it’s discussing benchmarks, fleet management software, or general tips and tricks, some communities are more vetted than others. We’re sharing our top five preferred communities to network and discuss common issues in the community.

Fleet Maintenance Cost Per Mile

Run by Cetaris’s own, Pete Wallen, The Fleet Maintenance CPM group develops and maintains a single CPM format so that fleets can utilize and share opportunities to decrease CPM while maintaining a safe, reliable fleet. Members are encouraged to recommend methods that have helped them manage their CPM. Find the group here.

Fleet Management & Logistics

A group for professionals who efficiently manage their business through a Fleet Management System. The group is most prominently serves the following sectors: utilities, retail, construction, service and delivery fleets, emergency and security fleets, and public transit. Find the group here.

Fleet Maintenance and Management

The Fleet Maintenance and Management group is a forum to share ideals – timely topics and technology solutions for organization what have fleets of mobile assets.

Anyone who’s responsible for a fleet of assets and equipment knows that maintenance and management is a must. If you’re responsible for fleet maintenance, this group is for you. Find the group here.

Fleet Management Forum – Networking Group for Professional Fleet Managers

An online forum/networking group created exclusively for Fleet Management professionals, responsible for managing fleets of cars and commercial vehicles, to discuss key industry issues and share ideas and best practice with each other. The group is owned and managed by Leasedrive Group (UK). Find the group here.

Supply Chain & Logistics – Shipping, RFID, Fleet Management, Distribution, Warehousing, Returns

A group run by the team at Retail Dive, a supply chain publication, the Supply Chain & Logistics group is a community for executives in shipping, supply chain management, and retail logistics.

The group’s goal is to encourage discussion of topics including Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Shipping, RFID, Fleet Management, Distribution, Warehousing, Returns, Freight, WMS, TMS and more.Find the group here.