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Cetaris Site Visit to Purolator Vulcan

Written By: Sofie Bedard, Content Creator, on Apr 05, 2017

Thanks to our customers at Purolator Vulcan, Cetaris team members had the opportunity to get their hands dirty and see a Cetaris implementation in action on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017.

Members of Cetaris Support and QA spoke to technicians, maintenance managers, and National Parts Manager, Alanna Janssen to gain deeper insights on Customer Experience (CX).

Emmanuel Ehichoya, Software Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst at Cetaris, said of the visit:

"It was interesting to discover how maintenance managers used the application to track the repair progress, and assign unfinished tasks to technicians during subsequent shifts."

Joseph Choong, Customer Support Analyst said:

"They showed us how they use Cetaris to manage scheduled and unscheduled repairs in conjunction with magnet boards to coordinate their staff and schedules. We saw in real-time how the manual labor at Purolator is bolstered by the automation of the Cetaris application."

Thanks again to our friends at Purolator!