Cracking the code to an accurate inventory count

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Aug 1, 2019

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The problem with counts completed on paper

Inventory counts are crucial to your operations. But they pose some unique challenges to teams who manage parts. A paper process can cost your team time and money while degrading the accuracy of the counts you are working so hard to complete. When we spoke to part professionals they identified a few problems with these paper counts:

  • Manual data entry increases the risk of errors and typos
  • Transcribing counts from paper to spreadsheet or software system creates delays
  • When you count inventory in the parts room, then move to an office to enter the count, you’re doing the same job twice.

The common denominator amongst part professionals

We began by speaking to part professionals who wanted a modern solution to the inventory management process. We found that most part professionals share the same BHAG (big hairy audacious goal): to maintain an inventory count with 100% accuracy.

Part teams value speed and correctness equally; they want to know their inventory is organized and accurate, so their team always has the right parts on hand when they need them.

We wanted to solve the paper problem for our customers, so they could work smart instead of working hard to meet their inventory management goals. And we believe we discovered the solution: mobility. A mobile inventory management app decreases the errors, time delays, and disruptions.

The benefits of mobility

When your team completes a physical inventory count from a mobile device, the data is instantly captured and validated, providing some major benefits that drive a more accurate inventory:

  • Reduce travel times from part room to office desk
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error ridden data entry work
  • A steady flow of live inventory data creates deeper alignment across silos
  • Real-time count updates help managers proactively track and resolve issues, monitor change, and grow in real-time

Feature highlights

Mobility connects teams in powerful ways, which is why we created Cetaris Count. Each feature is designed to bridge gaps between current workflow issues we’ve identified in paper processes.

  1. Scan barcodes on parts
  2. Take pictures of parts
  3. Update part counts in real-time
  4. Access part profiles when counting
  5. Check serial numbers by scanning or searching
  6. Prevent errors by detecting variance
  7. Automatically generate recounts to double-check suspect counts
  8. Eliminate training requirements with a user-friendly mobile experience
  9. Integrate with the Cetaris suite and over 1000+ third party systems
With inventory count automation

Make it easy to get an accurate inventory count

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