Cetaris Goes to Center Island

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Jul 12, 2017

A Day of Fun on Center Island

On June 16th, 2017, our team suited up in our Friday’s best, packed a healthy dose of team spirit, and ventured over to this year’s team-building event venue: the only-partially-underwater, Center Island.

Like previous years, we started the day on a boat. This time, we climbed aboard for a scenic ride on Toronto’s iconic Tiki Taxi.

Travelling in Style

Next, we did what we do best at all our team events. We ate a metric tonne of great food. Thanks to Toronto Island BBQ & Beer Co., who supplied a feast which graciously accommodated our team’s potpourri of dietary requirements.

Enjoying the Taco Bar

Then, we celebrated the winners of our 2017 Core Value Awards. Three winners were selected by the team for their exceptional work exhibiting one of our eight core values.

Our Quirkiest Audience Member in the Background

Finally, we got our hands dirty with a variety sports, games, and outdoor activities. We laughed, ran around, and competed for the only prize that could incentivize such a team, a cool local brew enjoyed in the shade. We made a raucous and created some spectacular memories, collecting only a few sunburns along the way.

The Showdown of the Century

After a refreshing day of activities, we’re ready to get back to work on an exciting new project that we’ll be unveiling shortly. More on this soon!