Cetaris Wins North America’s Best Tech Work Culture at the 2020 Timmy Awards

Written By: Sofie Bedard, Content Creator, on Nov 10, 2020

Tech in Motion’s live ceremony selects Cetaris as the 2020 best tech work culture in North America

Toronto (November 1, 2020) – Tech in Motion announced Cetaris, a maintenance management software company, as the 2020 Best Tech Work Culture in the North American Timmy Awards. After the Toronto tech community voted them the regional winner, Cetaris matched up against top workplaces across North American tech hubs in the final round before they were named as the first North American Timmy Award winners during a live ceremony on Oct. 29th. Bruce Wang, Director of Engineering at Netflix, presented the award and a speech on innovative cultures like Cetaris’s. Wang chose Cetaris as a part of an expert panel of judges including Nirmal Srinivasan, PayPal, Addu Munda, Slack and Harry Hurst, Pipe.

This year, Cetaris took home the Timmy Award for North America’s Best Tech Workplace. The coveted title is awarded to the company that has created the strongest community- both in office and while working from home. You might be wondering, what set Cetaris’ culture apart from the many other amazing tech companies across North America. The Cetaris team decided to tell their story in their own words by sharing our application which was crafted by team members. You can read the winning application here. If you missed the awards ceremony, you can rewatch the video revealing Cetaris’ win here.

“The ‘workplace’ looks a little different these days, but Cetaris is built on a culture of innovation and appreciation that allowed their tight-knit team to adjust quickly through those values. They’ve built a community that encourages growth, collaboration, well-being and productivity,” said Mandy Walker, Director of Marketing at Motion Recruitment, creator of Tech in Motion. “For their tech team and beyond, Cetaris has built an award-winning culture, and we are excited to honor that through the Timmys.”

Cetaris was quick to respond to the COVID-19 lockdown as they put together a task force that surveyed each team member and built individualized wellness plans to make sure the team could work safely and comfortably from home.

Alongside Cetaris, Tech in Motion also recognized Nielson Canada, Slalom Build, Valqari, Ro and Strategic Innovation Principal Lauren Neal of Booz Allen Hamilton with 2020 Timmy awards. To relive the ceremony or catch up if you missed the live premiere, you can spot the regional winner montages, keynote by Stephen Shapiro, and presentations from other judges from Siri, Google and more on Tech in Motion’s Youtube channel. Tech in Motion will also feature Cetaris and all winners in a digital panel this December to discuss the challenges, solutions and wins through this unprecedented year, and what it took to become a Timmy Award Winner. For more information, visit techinmotionevents.com.

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