U.S. Xpress: 10 Years of Success with Cetaris Fleet

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on May 1, 2015

Cetaris is pleased to announce that U.S. Xpress, Inc., has successfully run its maintenance operation using the Cetaris Enterprise Asset Management software solution for ten years. U.S. Xpress is ranked the nation’s second largest privately owned truckload carrier, and is at the forefront of safety compliance, using comprehensive training for their staff and drivers, and ensuring their trucks feature the latest safety innovations.

Insights from U.S. Xpress

“Cetaris is an honest company that does high quality work, and as they continue to improve the Cetaris Fleet system they involve the people who use the system beginning with the technician and parts people on the floor. Cetaris’ support is top notch. In times when we have had a challenge, Cetaris has always fully engaged until everything was resolved regardless of what caused the challenge – we always enjoy a collaborative team approach.”
– Steve Goodner, Manager of Shop Systems and Support at U.S. Xpress

Insights from Cetaris

“We are proud that U.S. Xpress has been one of our leading clients since 2004 – they were part of our initial Joint Application Development team with Freightliner in 1998 when we created the design foundation for Cetaris Fleet. Cetaris has learned a great deal from U.S. Xpress over the past seventeen years and we are a better company as a result. U.S. Xpress has a great team of people with the highest integrity who are a real pleasure to work with, and as a company, U.S. Xpress is extremely innovative in its approach to the business. They have a very strong implementation of Cetaris which is integrated with their accounting, fuel, mileage, operations system, and road call center which supports their excellent fleet maintenance operation.”
– Ric Bedard, President of Cetaris

About U.S. Express, Inc.

Founded in 1985, U.S. Xpress is the nation’s second largest privately owned truckload carrier, providing a wide variety of transportation solutions throughout North America. We are committed to being at the forefront of safety compliance, using comprehensive training for our staff and drivers and ensuring our trucks feature the latest safety innovations. With a dedication to minimizing our impact on the environment, U.S. Xpress is a SmartWay Transport Partner and was honored with a 2009 SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award. U.S. Xpress Enterprises affiliates include Total Transportation of Mississippi, Xpress Global Systems and Xpress Internacional. For more information, please visit the U.S. Xpress website.

About Cetaris

Cetaris, founded in 1989, develops, maintains, and supports Enterprise Asset Management software solutions with a sharp focus on the maintenance process. Cetaris’ solutions support our clients’ goal to have the highest equipment reliability and lowest operating cost. Cetaris software products are used at thousands of customer locations, with tens of thousands of end users, and with millions of assets under management.


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