Groupe Robert celebrates 5 years using Cetaris Fleet

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Nov 14, 2017

Groupe Robert: Cetaris Maintenance Empowered for 5+ Years

Cetaris is pleased to announce that Groupe Robert has implemented Cetaris Fleet. All of the technology that Groupe Robert utilizes for their transportation, distribution and logistics operations is carefully selected to deliver added value to their partner clients. They embrace new systems with a proven track record that can propel their performance – and their partners’ satisfaction – to new heights. As a 3PL, Groupe Robert must adapt to their needs and changing economic realities. Their investment in Cetaris’ fleet maintenance software system will help them to continue to boost their efficiency and remain focused on growth.

About Robert Group

“The cost, labor, and chronic repair analysis portions of Cetaris Fleet are something we had wanted for years – their possibilities are so powerful and we are still discovering them. The warranty module is so thorough and powerful, with all the warranty reimbursements we got instead of losing them as before, we gained our ROI in only 1 year,” said Daniel St-Germain, Vice-President Material Resources at Groupe Robert.

The warranty module is so thorough and powerful (…) we won our ROI in only 1 year

“One thing we were not completely expecting was the training needed by our employees. It is one very hard thing to turn old habits around and, for us, it was and still is the keystone of quality data which, as you must know, is the common ground for everything else such as exact inventory, proper labor analysis, meaningful cost analysis, warranties, etc.”


Our team of responsible, committed transportation and distribution professionals pledge to partner with our customers to deliver innovative results-oriented solutions, characterized by safety and quality.


Hitting the ground running

Rosario Robert founded Robert Transportation in 1946. His ability to adapt to his clients’ needs instantly earned him their loyalty and respect.

Robert Bernard, a well-known businessman, became a partner in the company in 1962. When Rosario passed away four years later, his wife, Réjeanne, stepped up to run the business, until the next generation of the family took over the reins.

Growth through diversification

In 1973, Gérard Bernard, who came from a business administration background, and Claude Robert, a chartered accountant, joined forces to lead the family firm to further growth. In the 1980s, while the North American trucking industry was rocked by deregulation, Groupe Robert carefully positioned itself as a leading provider of supply chain logistics services.

Since then, the company has continually invested in state-of-the-art technology and provided clients with a competitive range of value-added services.

Looking to the future

Today, the third generation of the Robert family is at the helm. Backed by their respective teams and many years of hands-on experience within the company, Michel, Julie and Isabelle are dedicated to ensuring its ongoing prosperity by upholding the same passion, values, performance and commitment to clients, employees and shareholders.

About Cetaris

“Groupe Robert is a very advanced and sophisticated fleet as evidenced by their tight integration of Cetaris Fleet with the SAP system and other operational business systems, as well as their early adoption of our mobile technologies. Robert is tough and smart, they challenge us in the right direction, and help us to get better every day, collectively raising the bar for both companies,” said Larry McLennan, Vice President of Professional Services at Cetaris.

They challenge us in the right direction, and help us to get better every day


Cetaris, founded in 1989, develops, maintains, and supports Enterprise Asset Management software solutions with a sharp focus on the maintenance process. Cetaris ‘solutions support our customers’ goal to have the highest equipment reliability and lowest operating cost. These software products are used for thousands of customers, with millions of assets under management.

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