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Cetaris Count: A new inventory optimization app

Written By: Michelle Farley, Lead UI / UX Designer, on Jan 30, 2019

Three illustrated figures in front of a yellow background that reads "Cetaris Count". One figure holds a poster containing a visualization. One figure holds a mobile device. The other figure opens a part bin.

The physical inventory counting process as we know it is an essential aspect of any shop or parts room environment. A consistent and timely count process helps to keep the parts room organized and to ensure your inventory quantity is correct, so you have the right parts on hand when you need them.

Think about how much valuable data is generated by just doing your physical inventory cycle counts regularly. With this data captured in real-time, your business can learn more about when and why your stock levels change. Most importantly, your team can identify what to do to get to 100% accuracy in your part's room.

"We realized there was an opportunity to increase efficiencies by giving the parts person the ability to count parts using an app on a mobile device."

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Cetaris Count, a physical inventory on-the-go for businesses to measure and improve the entire counting process. With Cetaris Count, you can gain insights into your parts stock levels so that you can get a deeper understanding of your parts rooms across your organization.

At Cetaris, we spent a lot of time measuring how to build a tool that could improve our users' experience and help organizations get ahead of their part management. Many individuals surveyed felt like their inventory count was always "something to catch up on".

We realized there was an opportunity to increase efficiencies by giving the parts person the ability to count parts using an app on a mobile device. We could speed up this process so that they can quickly count parts and have real-time accuracy.

We designed Count to make the inventory management process more proactive. By digitizing the count process, your team can stay on top of part counts while they work, allowing management to monitor changes and solve problems in the parts room early and often. While built-in error prevention ensures the accuracy of every count. Cetaris Count is built to demystify the count process, earning your team more time to focus on the next challenge.

Feature Highlights #

  1. Count parts in real time
  2. Prevent errors and cleanse data
  3. Work on-the-go with a user-friendly mobile app
  4. Scan barcodes on parts
  5. Take pictures of parts
  6. Check serial numbers by scanning or searching
  7. Access part profiles when counting
  8. Integrate with the Cetaris suite and over 1000+ third party systems

To learn more about Cetaris Count, contact us here.