How to inspect Fixed Assets with Cetaris Fix

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Jun 12, 2022

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Creating inspections for your fixed assets

Inspections are incredibly important to any industry. When it comes to maintaining fixed or facility assets, completing inspections in a timely manner prevents defects, irregularities, and deterioration. This introductory guide to inspecting fixed assets using the mobile device of your choice. We’ll take you through how Cetaris Fix CMMS manages digital inspections using three pillars: work order tracking, parts management, and inspection checklists.

Track Work Orders

For technicians. Using a simple mobile interface, technicians can clock on to a task in seconds to begin tracking their time on task. While they work, they can capture and review important relevant information about the asset from their mobile device. They can easily view their task timer to better manage their own productivity and task management in real-time.

For supervisors. Supervisors can assign work to technicians ahead of time. Once a task is in process, the supervisor can view all their technician’s timesheets to get up-to-date information on the current status of work. They can view a summary of all the work performed on an asset, or view a dashboard summary of their shop floor.

Manage your parts

When a technician needs a part to complete a work order, they can add parts to the task if they have the right permissions. Otherwise, they can submit a request to the parts team. If they know the part number, they can request it directly. Alternatively, they can send a photo or description and let the parts team select the correct part. Keep inventory levels accurate by relieving parts in real-time as they are used.

Create and customize inspection checklists

Create and customize your own inspection checklists for your fixed assets. Then, carry out inspections from a mobile device. Cetaris Fix allows you to perform inspections by checking off items that pass inspection and flagging items that fail. Once an issue is identified, you can create a task to return the asset to working condition.