How to gain business intelligence with EAM software

Written By: Content Team, Cetaris, on Dec 4, 2018

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Enterprise Asset Management (or EAM) software is used to track the management of fixed and mobile assets. Let’s talk about a key benefit of EAM software: reporting tools that help you improve your business intelligence.

The Struggle

Staying on top of your organization’s assets may feel like an uphill battle that gets more challenging with each additional asset. Without visualizations, you may not see the path ahead. Maybe you have a steady stream of data, but you struggle to understand the bigger picture. Or, perhaps you cannot see live events as they occur. Without real-time analytics, decisions are more reactive than proactive. As a result, the process of managing your assets is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

1. See workflow optimization opportunities

Using EAM reporting tools such as Key Performance Indicators, notifications, and at-a-glance visualizations, you can see workflow optimization opportunities.

2. Oversee changes in real-time

KPIs and Digital dashboards give you the power to tackle issues as they occur. The right data in the right place at the right time will help you to drive productivity and identify trends while streamlining your process and you spend.

3. Align workflows with larger organizational objectives.

With data storytelling tools, you can convert data into high-level business insights to manage your asset at every phase in its lifecycle, helping you to prioritize work and align tasks with high-level objectives. So your team doesn’t just work hard, it works smart too.