Introducing, the Cetaris Suite

Maintenance tools built for humans

The Cetaris Suite is a maintenance system designed to drive efficiencies with actionable data. Empower your maintenance team with the tools to manage their assets every day.


Why choose Cetaris?

  • Return on Investment

    Increase compensating transactions like warranty and core capture while streamlining your part, labor, and fuel costs.

  • Data accuracy

    Automate data flows, reduce double entry, while maintaining accuracy with built-in validation.

  • Safety and compliance

    Implement PM scheduling to keep assets safe and compliant while equipping technicians with standard safety procedures at the asset.

Labor and productivity

"Cetaris Fix has simplified the work order process in ways that have allowed our most seasoned technicians to learn to process WOs with ease."

  • Increase time on task
  • Standard jobs to increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Shift scheduling
  • Standard repair times
  • Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Streamline parts inventory
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Warranty reimbursement

"With Cetaris Fleet, we have already met our initial warranty capture goal and we believe that we can double warranty capture again."

  • Gain ROI with warranty capture alone
  • Flag warrantable parts at the repair
  • Centralize warranty agreement documentation
  • Create claims that are autofilled with the data to maximize reimbursement
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Data, analytics, and reporting

"Before Cetaris, maintenance was always a bit of a rounding error"

  • Gain access to 200+ prebuilt reports
  • Unlock business intelligence insights
  • Integrate with PowerBI and other tools
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Go mobile

With our user-friendly mobile suite, your team can drive better maintenance wherever they are.

"Cetaris helps us integrate our business processes with our outside vendors electronically to improve efficiency."

What our customers say:

"The biggest benefit is our improved decision-making based on hard facts."

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