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Our desktop application, written in ironclad C# and .NET, employs HTTPS transport and a multi-threaded architecture to provide optimal user responsiveness. Our latest fourth-generation mobile platform uses the latest web technologies and responsive design techniques to extend the functionalities of our core product to any device.


  • Mobility

    Our mobile platforms use the latest web technologies as well as UI/UX, mobile first, and responsive design techniques. Drive the maintenance process from the palm of your hand, or access our browser-based versions. With the Cetaris suite your data is always secure. Our applications are penetration-tested, so you can run with confidence.

  • Barcoding

    Cetaris supports barcodes to label and identify individual assets, parts, and part bins. Drive accurate and efficient data collection. Scan your badge to login. Resize, manage, and print your barcode labels via the Barcode Editor. Read any scanning symbology that your own scanner supports. Leverage barcodes to automate physical inventory counts, receive alerts on warranty, and track assets.

  • System and Data Security

    Our flexible modular architecture implements security through roles and permissions. The user login employs 2048 bit SSL and SHA 256 bit cipher keys. Use your existing LDAP directory for user authentication. Components communicate using messages that are protected using WS-I compliant encryption and bidirectional authentication. Secure coding practices are accompanied by third party code reviews.

  • System and Third Party Integration

    Our application can be fully integrated with any ERP. Data exchanges between systems are implemented with our Smart Scheduler and Workflow Manager. Your integration data is reconciled with database timeout and recovery failsafes. Every transaction is tracked and recovered. Integration reporting includes exception handling, logging, notification, and data-anomaly resolution. Integrations support SOA-compliant Web services, file exchanges, and hierarchical and flat data formats.

  • Scalability

    Cetaris fleet and fixed asset management system integration tools are built to work for organizations large and small. Servicing one to one million assets, our application is designed to grow with your business. Our server architecture and Server Business Objects (SBOs) have been in operation for over a decade. Intelligent data caching is designed to support scalability with multi-threading and advanced scalability lab testing.

  • System Uptime and Performance

    Cetaris' intuitive business workflows help minimize server roundtrips, drive smart data caching, advance performance, and improve bandwidth usage. Access stateless services arranged in load-balanced web farms to serve a combination of local and geographically distributed user bases. Benefit from a highly-tailored system and web services that are designed to meet the needs of diverse conditions.

  • Backup, Failover, and Disaster Recovery

    Cetaris applications are carefully designed, tested, and hardened to provide you with a comprehensive suite of alternatives and best practice policies to ensure your data is backed up with failover protection and associated data recovery capabilities.Transaction log shipping and frequency is implemented to suit your company practices. Backup, failover, and disaster recovery support includes database clusters, VM backup, web servers and SQL server.

  • Business Intelligence Reporting

    With the Cetaris BI Reporting suite, you can build your own reports by choosing the dimensions that matter to you. The application contains over 100 built-in SQL Server Reporting Services standard reports in addition to our standard dashboards which feature a collection of alerts and KPIs. Beyond the application, we provide high-performance advanced reporting options including SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Integration Service, and OLAP cube-based self-service reporting in Excel.

  • Hosting

    Through our cloud-based version of the Cetaris suite, you’ll minimize the need for upfront hardware and infrastructure investments and enable a more rapid adoption of the solution. The application is hosted at a highly advanced and secure data centre which is SAS 70 Type II certified, offering reliable Internet connectivity and readily available infrastructure with full security, backup, and accessibility to your data.

  • Windows 10 Support Statement

    Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset are supported on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise and is supported only on a specific Windows 10 release branch (Windows 10 1507 and Windows 10 1511).

  • World-class Partners

    We maintain ongoing partnerships with mobile technology leaders around the world including Microsoft, Qualcomm, and McLeod Software.

  • Technical Support

    Customers can expect to work with our excellent team of Support Engineers who will ensure that Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset are installed and packaged to suit the needs of your business. Customers can find out more information about our technical support services by emailing [email protected].

  • Technology Infrastructure Support

    Cetaris provides infrastructure recommendations for each of its customer’s unique requirements. Cetaris applications consist of WS-I-compliant SOAP Web services which are deployed on load-balanced Microsoft IIS servers. All server components follow a multi-tier architecture, with an active-passive Microsoft SQL Server cluster recommended for high-availability solutions. Increased system performance can be achieved using 1-2 servers dependent on your organization's number of assets.

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