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World Class Technology

Client Application

The Cetaris client application has been carefully designed, tested, and hardened to provide you with a comprehensive user interface that meets the most demanding usability requirements – without the need for a strong technical background.  The Cetaris client is what connects you with our server and gives you the ability to use the wide ranged functionalities of our software solutions.

Through the use of intuitive business workflows, a minimum number of server roundtrips, and smart data caching, you’ll advance your business’ performance, improve your bandwidth utilization, and enhance your overall productivity.  The Cetaris client application is modular and configurable, allowing you to benefit from a highly tailored system.

Server Solution

The architecture behind the Cetaris server solution is modular and its Web services conform to the Web Service Interoperability (WS-I) standards.  Our Web services have been designed to meet the needs of diverse conditions when it comes to performance, scalability and reliability.  Cetaris’ stateless services can be arranged into load-balanced Web farms which can serve a combination of local and geographically distributed user bases.

The Cetaris server supports multiple hosting options, so you’ll be able to make use of your existing infrastructures and use our software application as a service.

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