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Cetaris’ Fleet Assistant supports the printing and utilization of barcodes to label and identify, which makes your collection of data more efficient, accurate and reliable.

Fleet Assistant provides the following barcode information to help you manage your inventories and effectively cut costs:

  • Label and identify individual assets (scan to indicate the asset worked on)
  • Label and identify individual parts and parts bins
  • Manage parts which need to be returned to supplier for credit or warranty
  • Track replacement or warranty parts that need to be kept or returned to supplier
  • Track tires
  • Ease user login through the scan of their badge
  • Automate all parts physical inventories

By implementing the barcode functionality of Fleet Assistant you’ll significantly increase your productivity and consequently, the return on your investment.  Using barcodes will simplify the work process for your team members and your managers.   You’ll also be able to eliminate the need for manual data entry from your technicians and parts personnel.

Barcodes serve as a system to label with high data integrity which will in turn, make your team’s work easier and more efficient.

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