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Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions

What Can Fixed Asset Assistant Do For My Manufacturing & Distribution Business?

As a manufacturer you’re under constant pressure to deliver innovative products, respond to customer demands quickly, and to eliminate costs. As a distributor you’re defined by acute margin pressures and constant customer demands for quick delivery. So it's no wonder you're focused on efficiency and growth – differentiating your company through product innovation and building economies of scale.

Cetaris’ Fixed Asset Assistant is a maintenance and management solution that simplifies your asset maintenance process, extends the life of equipment, decreases scheduled downtime and reduces operational expenses.

Why Should I Use Fixed Asset Assistant?

In manufacturing and distribution, the name of the game is doing more with less … reduce your costs and improve your output and continually improve your processes within serious budget constraints.

Cetaris’ Fixed Asset Assistant can help, as it seamlessly integrates asset and maintenance management, and the functionality of inventory and purchasing, into an advanced fixed asset decision making solution with quick and easy tracking. With this powerful fixed asset solution your manufacturing and distribution business will be able to:

  • Increase Equipment Uptime
    Shift from corrective to preventive asset maintenance to save time and money.
  • Prolong Asset Lifecycles
    Implement a disciplined maintenance schedule to ensure optimal, long-term asset performance.
  • Reduce Paperwork
    Enjoy an easy-to-use computerized system for your employees to record tasks, purchases, issues, and much more.
  • Manage Inventory
    Realize corrected inventory levels, the elimination of obsolete items, and real-time warnings of your critical part shortages.
  • Make Decisions
    Base your decisions on accurate, timely information.  Fixed Asset Assistant has flexible business intelligence and reporting functions which provide you with insight into the critical elements of your operation.
  • Arrive at Significant Conclusions
    Drill down into the very minute details of your business to effectively analyze and make important improvements.

Fixed Asset Assistant for the Manufacturing & Distribution Industry

The Cetaris Fixed Asset Assistant solution is able to support, manage and track your entire manufacturing and distribution fixed asset portfolio.  Fixed Asset Assistant can give you a single view of all fixed assets by division, location, department and business unit.

You’ll be able to track the maintenance, repair, and lease costs of your assets with complete audit trails, as well as monitor depreciation. You can also view complete repair histories, parts and labor information, and service schedules.

Fixed Asset Assistant gives you the ability to group or link certain assets by subsystems and associations, to obtain a clearer, overall picture for the different areas of your business.

Preventive Maintenance

Fixed Asset Assistant prevents equipment breakdowns and failures by documenting service activities, and identifying chronic problems.  You’re also notified of upcoming standard repairs, recalls, and safety repair campaigns.

Fixed Asset Assistant automatically tells you about upcoming preventive maintenance appointments, and allows you to create ‘standard jobs’ including the necessary ‘Lock Out - Tag Out’ instructions for each asset.  This proactive maintenance method will improve the condition of your assets, increasing production levels and overall profit margins, and greatly reduces any chance of unnecessary downtime.


Fixed Asset Assistant monitors and schedules equipment maintenance based on a number of meter readings (odometer, hours, days, calendar dates, and specific days of the week).  Routine maintenance on your manufacturing, conveyor, and HVAC systems, as well as your buildings and airport ground equipment is monitored and scheduled for your convenience and time savings.

Work Order Management

With Fixed Asset Assistant you can enjoy fully automated work order creation for routine maintenance and standard jobs.  Should an unscheduled need for maintenance arise, our solution provides you with an easy method of creating and scheduling a new work order.  This is seamlessly integrated with the system’s parts and inventory module.

Your technician is given a single line of sight into all required information for a particular work order:

  • Repair history
  • Parts
  • Warranty information (with notification flag if a part is still under warranty)
  • Lock Out-Tag Out” instructions

Once maintenance is complete, the system is automatically updated throughout all inventory, history and expense records.

Warranty Management

Fixed Asset Assistant will provide you with accurate warranty tracking (OEM and replacement part warranties).  Should there be a part still under warranty, your technicians will be alerted by the system during any repair, so that the cause, complaint and correction will be recorded.

Warranty claim and reconciliation is completely automated, saving you many hours re-keying data, and increasing the collection of warranty reimbursements you are eligible for.

Parts Inventory

Fixed Asset Assistant is simple, fast and accurate, tracking all of the necessary inventory information you require and providing you with the following benefits:

  • Elimination of costly out-of-stock scenarios
  • Reduction of slow moving inventory
  • Automated re-orders and overage statuses
  • Tracking of your preferred suppliers and alternate suppliers
  • Utilization of VRMS codes to standardize part numbering
  • Detailed purchase lists
  • Automated PO generation

Purchase Orders

Fixed Asset Assistant automatically generates purchase orders for you when your inventory items have hit a pre-set threshold.  Our system gives you the flexibility to make purchase orders work for you, instead of you battling to work around predesigned templates.  You may edit, change, print and delete purchase orders as needed.

  • Easy to use, fast part and inventory lookup
  • Tracks inventory status
  • Eliminates costly out of stock scenarios
  • Reduces slow moving items
  • Automates re-order and overage status functionality
  • Tracks primary and/or preferred suppliers
  • Lists alternate suppliers
  • Utilizes VRMS codes to standardize part numbering
  • Allows you to view detailed purchase lists
  • Automates PO generation
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quickly enter purchase orders or have them automatically generated for you when inventory items hit predetermined thresholds

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