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Professional Services

Professional Services Group

With the help of our professional services group, you’ll be able to greatly improve the utilization of your Cetaris software investment to maximize your capabilities in the maintenance and management of your assets.

Cetaris employs a skilled team of consultants, designers, developers, writers, and quality assurance professionals who bring deep domain skills and years of experience to the table to help you accelerate and improve the adoption of Cetaris software within your organization.

Requirements Services

In order to ensure the success of your project, we must clearly outline the requirements of each stakeholder in your company.  We’ll work together with you to uncover your maintenance, business, user, and functional requirements.

Then, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process to find, document and prioritize your requirements.  You’ll be able to give each requirement an associated action with its own risks and assumptions. Our unique methodology helps us define your expectations and specific functionality needs so that we can implement the most successful solution to help your business.

Functional Enhancements

In addition, our development team will work with you to build new functionalities if required. We can design new reports, enhance existing workflows, streamline a process and add new elements to user interfaces to meet your specific business needs.  All enhancements will be integrated into your core application with complete quality assurance, with full support and training services.

Best Practice Analysis

To improve the overall efficiency of your operation, we’ll help you implement the best practices used in the industry today for your asset maintenance and management.  We have extensive experience implementing solutions for industry-leading fleets across North America and we’ve collected best practice solutions covering all aspects of asset management.

Here are a few business functions where we have best practices experience to share with you:

  • Tracking
  • Parts management
  • Work order management
  • Purchase order management
  • Standard job management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Campaign recalls
  • Automated warranty management
  • Asset management reporting
  • Wireless handheld workflow
  • System integration

Cetaris will analyze your current procedures and compare them with best practices in the industry, making recommendations where necessary to improve your implementations.

Workflow Gap Analysis

Once you choose to move forward with us, through careful review, documentation and onsite meetings, we’ll analyze your current workflows to identify key process differences. You’ll be able to close the gaps in your operations by analyzing the differences between your current and desired states.  Cetaris will work with you to implement a detailed plan which will outline how each gap will be closed.

Once you've identified your workflow gaps, we would be in a position to complete a Maintenance Process Optimization Plan, by closing the gaps with a Best Practices Analysis.

IT Support Services

Cetaris software uses the most advanced and reliable technologies on the market today.  In order for the software to operate successfully, you must have an infrastructure in place – usually maintained by your IT department or outsourced to a third party company.

If you’d prefer to maintain your own software infrastructure, Cetaris’ skilled professionals can assist you in the maintenance of your Microsoft Windows Servers, SQL Servers, and Web Servers.  We’ll help you set up the infrastructure so that all aspects of your operation are covered – from the application of Microsoft operating system patches, right through to backup procedure implementation and deployment.

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