Maintenance Solutions for Fleet and Fixed Assets

Versatile maintenance solutions for your world

Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset provide solutions to a breadth of challenges in the world of fleet and fixed asset maintenance management. View a high-level summary of our solutions as they relate to maintenance, warranty, data, analytics and reporting, and system integration.

Labor and productivity #

Cetaris EAM solutions have a track record of optimizing customer maintenance practices while growing their bottom line. Increase warranty reimbursements, improve equipment reliability and extend asset life cycles, improve workflows, and strengthen data accuracy. Capture technical data in high-impact reports and visualizations.

  • Work Order

    Improve productivity by providing your technicians with labor and parts data at the asset. Create standard job templates with codified parts and labor for built-in efficiency. Improve workforce management with a variety of reports and KPIs.

  • Asset

    Equip your technicians to work more efficiently and effectively. Place asset and repair information, configuration data, and work order history in the palm of the technician’s hand while they are at the asset.

  • Asset Management

    Reduce capital deployed for assets while increasing service replacement claims, warranty claims, and core returns. Improve asset uptime and utilization. Increase asset reliability, and profit from the greater residual value of your assets.

  • Parts

    Optimize your inventory management to ensure your technician always has the right part at the right time while they are working on the asset. Track, order, and manage parts to minimize wait times.

  • Parts Management

    Improve inventory management, focus your inventory volumes, and implement cloud-based supply chain catalogs. Enable data-driven parts purchasing decisions to increase your bottom line while decreasing inventory.

  • Warranty

    When the technician is working on the asset, chronic repair, and warranty automated flags alert the technician to trigger the warranty claim process.

  • Chronic Repair

    Improve asset reliability with chronic repair alerts. Quickly identify chronic failure patterns to encourage better procurement decisions, increase uptime, and limit operating costs.

  • PM, SJ, Campaign, and Recall

    Create preventive maintenance, campaign, and recall templates with standard, built-in labor and parts to increase the speed and accuracy of work order creation.

  • Fuel / Energy

    Track fuel consumption history to ensure assets are performing to specification. Configure the system to flag an asset for repair when it falls outside normal consumption levels.

  • Reporting

    Measure labor efficiency and effectiveness to achieve the lowest cost per repair. Benchmark your labor hours against industry best practices. Improve workforce management, track productivity, and view redundancies with customizable reports.

  • Administration

    Define security and permission parameters to determine the data that each user throughout your organization is able to access.

  • Messaging

    Create and pin messages directly to work orders and related documents. Set follow-up dates and times. Assign follow-ups to other users for visibility or to create action items. Add multimedia attachments.

  • Road Call / Call Centre

    Empower your call center team to minimize out-of-service time for assets requiring unscheduled maintenance. Centralize asset information, work orders, purchase orders, and electronic payments linked to the breakdown.

  • Greenhouse Gas

    Measure, analyze, and manage carbon emissions. Reduce the impact of carbon tax, and track eligibility for carbon offsets that can drive ROI.

Accelerate your fleet and fixed asset maintenance with Cetaris

Warranty #

See a timely return on investment with powerful warranty tracking and intelligent analytics that gauge the value of your extended warranties, and capture detailed metrics on component failures.

  • Warranty Agreement

    Create, track, and update supplier warranty agreements and service parts replacements. Configure your system to flag warrantable failures as they occur. Use reports to find historically uncollected warranty.

  • Warranty Claim

    Generate warranty claims directly from a work order so that parts and labor information are pinned directly to the document. Reduce manual labor, save time and increase the accuracy of claims.

  • Reporting

    Track warranty so you collect what is owed by suppliers, discover missed warranty opportunities, and measure the value of warranty agreements.

  • Messaging

    Create and pin messages directly to warranty claims, agreements, or work orders. Set follow-up dates and times. Assign to other users for increased visibility or to create action items. Add multimedia attachments.

"With Cetaris Fleet, we have already met our initial warranty capture goal and we believe that we can double warranty capture again."

Serge Viola, Director of Asset Management, Purolator

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Data, Analytics, and Reporting #

Process data using advanced statistical methods, and transform large datasets into visual reports. Select your preferred dimensions and visualization types. Roll up data to capture high-level data stories, or drill into every last detail. Create customizable reports that matter to your team.

  • Warranty

    Precise warranty tracking encourages timelier warranty reimbursements. Discover missed warranty opportunities, and measure the value of your existing warranty agreements.

  • Asset Tracking

    Gain insights into the capital and maintenance costs of your assets. Manage your ownership and operating costs to industry best practices. Access predictive and preventive maintenance, and identify the right time to replace aging assets.

  • Parts

    Access parts usage and parts cost data to identify inventory redundancies, and optimize parts inventory level. Empower better purchasing decisions by identifying the right location for the part at the lowest cost.

  • Work Order

    Completely understand your labor hours deployed and associated costs to ensure that you have an optimum level of staffing to achieve your desired level of asset availability and reliability.

  • PM, SJ, Campaign, and Recall

    Completely understand your PM, SJ, Campaign, and Recall data, and compare to industry best practices that allow you to continuously improve to achieve your annual cost reduction targets.

  • Fuel / Energy

    Completely understand your fuel consumption data compared to expected consumption to identify problem assets and assets that should be replaced.

  • Administration

    Set view, write, and edit permissions for each module of the application by user. Define which technician may view the data for a particular asset at the click of a button.

  • Greenhouse Gas

    Measure, analyze, and manage carbon emissions. Reduce the impact of carbon tax, and track eligibility for carbon offsets to drive ROI. Leverage reports to meet changing EPA National Air Quality Standards.

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System Integration #

An effective EAM maintenance application integrates with all your enterprise apps. Our product seamlessly integrates with your existing operation technologies so your system reflects the current state of your operation.

  • Work Order

    Electronically submit work orders, outside work, and purchase orders to suppliers. Then, import the completed work orders and invoices. Create a closed loop follow-up process. Collect the complete work order history of the asset.

  • Warranty

    Electronically submit warranty claims to suppliers. Then, receive your warranty reimbursement funds using a closed loop follow-up process to track reimbursements.

  • Asset

    Automatically send and receive asset data to ensure that your team has accurate, up-to-date information to ensure the right work is performed. In-service and out-of-service data ensure the asset is deployed in a timely manner.

  • Meter

    Boost the accuracy of your usage data by pushing meter readings directly into the system. Automate PM scheduling and report life cycle costs based on meter readings.

  • Parts

    Electronically receive parts and parts pricing data to ensure your team has accurate, up-to-date part information. Use real-time part data to optimize parts inventory by location and lowest cost.

  • Parts Purchase Order

    Electronically send parts purchase orders and receive invoices. Close the loop on your follow-up process, and track the status of orders from open to close.

  • Supplier

    Electronically send and receive supplier data to ensure that you have accurate maintenance and parts purchase information for each supplier.

  • Parts Catalog

    Electronically receive updated parts data from supplier part catalogs to ensure your team has accurate part and part pricing information.

  • Fuel / Energy

    Electronically send and receive fuel purchase information to receive accurate and up-to-date fuel consumption and cost per asset data.

  • Administration

    Electronically send and receive accounting information. Ensure the corporate accounting system is updated with timely and accurate maintenance cost data.

"Cetaris helps us integrate our business processes with our outside vendors electronically to improve efficiency."

Tim Burks, Director of Maintenance Corporate Services, Swift Transportation Company

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