New product update: Cetaris Fix 9.0

Written By: Michelle Farley, Lead UI / UX Designer, on Mar 04, 2020

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Cetaris Fix 9.0 #

Cetaris Fix is a work order app designed to simplify the technician experience. In 9.0, there are some big advancements and new features. We primarily focused on adding functionality that will help create a better line-of-sight for managers and supervisors by allowing them to manage tasks that are in progress. Read on for a breakdown of each new feature!

Features #

  • Timesheets
  • Supervisor support
  • Scanning parts and assets
  • Settings page - update facility information

    Timesheets #

    Timesheet compiles all of the work associated with a Work Order into a Timesheet. The timesheet feature has two main benefits. Firstly, technicians can now view what they recently worked on, and understand how their time was spent at-a-glance. Secondly, supervisors will be able to view all their technician's timesheets on-the-go and have up-to-date information on what everyone is working on.

    For example, teams can now:

    📈Work on tasks, clock-on, and take a break all while updating their task info in real-time
    ⏱Simply clock-on to the task to resume task tracking after a break
    🧰If a technician needs a part, their supervisor can now add it for them onto the task
    🧑‍💻 Supervisors can actively see what is going on in every bay of the shop right from their device
    ✅ Supervisors can review technician tasks before it is complete to ensure all the information has been captured

    Supervisor support #

    In 9.0, a supervisor will be able to login to Cetaris Fix and view the list of tasks and oversee the current task each technician is working on. Supervisors can now dig into tasks to review tech remarks, parts added, warranty information, and photos.

    Scanning parts and assets #

    Yep, that's right!

    You can now scan a barcode using your phone or tablet. When creating a work order, you can easily scan the asset number and the information will be brought into the work order for the asset automagically✨. The same goes for scanning a part. To add a part, simply scan its barcode and it will be added right to your list.

    Settings page #

    There is now a settings page in Cetaris Fix which now includes facility information. The technician can now view the facility they are working in from this page. Supervisors with the correct permissions will be able to change the default facility. This works well if you have supervisors managing multiple facilities or shops. Plus, there's more to come in future releases of this screen.

    Across the entire application, we also worked to improve and optimize the overall user experience from the speed, performance, and consistency of screens. To find out more about this latest release, reach out today!

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