5 Tips To a More Sustainable Workplace

Written By: Ric Bedard, CEO, on Apr 19, 2017

Tips for Earth Week 2017

At Cetaris, we believe in the power of changing small habits to significantly reduce the energy consumption around our workspace. In honour of Earth Week, we thought we'd share some of the tips we've learned along the way. We'll post one a day until Earth Day (Saturday, April 22nd 2017).

1. Put It to Sleep. Switch to sleep mode if you'll be away from your computer for over 20 minutes to reduce energy consumption.

2. Unplug. An easy way to save money and conserve energy. Simply unplug unneeded cables when they're not in use.

3. Work "Au Naturel". Take advantage of natural light in your space. Sit by a window or even outside, if the weather permits.4. Ban Screensavers. Conserve energy by opting for the "blank screen" option.5. Go Green, Literally. Plants not only absorb airborne pollutants and emit oxygen, they look snazzy too.