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Technology Infrastructure

Cetaris is happy to provide you with infrastructure recommendations based on your expected asset volumes and repair order transactions.  By clicking the link below, you’ll be able to view an example diagram of one Cetaris technology infrastructure created for a customer, and we can design one for you.

Link to downloadable pdf file of x1.1

The Fleet Assistant users of this example infrastructure are required to use workstations equipped with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, Internet Explorer 6 or higher, and Adobe Reader.  These Fleet Assistant applications consist of WS-I-compliant SOAP Web services which are deployed on Load-Balanced Microsoft IIS servers.  All server components follow a multi-tier architecture, with an active-passive Microsoft SQL server cluster recommended for high-availability solutions.  For very large fleets, a separate server is usually recommended to host the system integration modules and report services.

The diagram also shows supporting network services which can be deployed in a separate security zone if needed.  The Repair Shop and Head Office in the diagram include Wi-Fi antennae and PocketPC devices (both optional components in the Cetaris solution).  Notice the optional terminal services clusters (Microsoft, Citrix or others) which are typically used to connect legacy or low-powered workstations to services.

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