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Shop Supervisor

As Shop Supervisor, you are in direct contact with your team and assets on a daily basis. Your work is to assign resources, prioritize jobs, plan schedules and track repairs in a single shop or across the entire organization. You’ll need to ensure maximum productivity from all participants.

Optimize Your Shop

Fleet Assistant’s configurable dashboard gives you all of the information you need to effectively schedule, oversee campaigns and recalls, take advantage of warranty reimbursements, and manage chronic repair events.

Monitor and Improve

Beyond your equipment, it’s important to have a productive staff. Fleet Assistant helps you directly monitor each employee’s work accomplished and the time it took each worker to complete standard jobs. With Fleet Assistant it’s easy to identify performance of staff members, vehicles and even vendors so that you can take corrective action where needed and recognize accomplishments when appropriate.

Fleet Assistant provides you with the following key features and benefits:


Solution Feature


Benefit to Shop Supervisors

• Customizable Digital Dashboard Catered to Shop Supervisors   • One place to view repairs by status i.e. assigned, in progress, waiting on parts, etc.  
• Identify concerns through a series of alerts
• Configure your dashboard to view a single location or all locations at once
• Scheduling and Monitoring   • Assign, prioritize, schedule and track repairs in a single shop or across any number of shops
• Reduce Maintenance Costs   • Improve warranty capture
• Significantly reduce unscheduled repairs
• Reduce roadside breakdowns
• Reduce mechanical rework
• Identify expensive assets
• Access empirical evidence  for fact based discussions about maintenance
• Single Line of Sight   • Examine your entire fleet or particular vehicles at a single location
• Investigate a single vehicle, or all vehicles
• Analyse performance by year, make, model, location, specifications, or usage
• View labour productivity  

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