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Effective Training

Cetaris provides quality training and administrative support services for your end users – an essential element in the successful implementation of any enterprise software application.

Depending on your specific needs, Cetaris will provide you with instructor-led training sessions at one of our locations, dedicated classes at your site, or ‘train-the-trainer’ programs for your staff.

Our flexible training solutions allow us to align our expertise with your organization’s specific educational goals so that you’ll benefit from the most optimal use of the system.

Training for Your Administrators

Cetaris provides your administrators and project team members with the training they need to make the most of your Cetaris solution deployment. Whether you have new users, experienced administrators or members wanting to take their skills to a higher level, we will teach them how to make the most out of your software solution investment.

With Cetaris’ proven training techniques, your administrators will gain a clear understanding of how to use and maintain the centrally controlled and user specific areas of the application.  We’ll give them hands-on experience teaching them to properly set up new users with the right security settings and restrictions, along with company structure, master asset records, master parts records, suppliers, PO approval processes, customers and warranty agreements.

End User Training

With Cetaris’ proven training, your end users will be effectively using the software in no time.  We’ll custom tailor our training programs to suit the needs of each individual user – from your frontline technicians and shop supervisors, right through to your fleet managers and executives.

When it comes to training, Cetaris understands that no two businesses are the same and therefore, neither are any two of our training programs.  Our approach is role-based as we customize end-user training to reflect your specific processes, key terminologies, and unique tasks.

You can receive training through an instructor-led classroom course, on-site training, web based training or a ‘train-the-trainer’ program.  No matter what form of training you choose, you’ll benefit from live demonstrations and hands-on exercises to help you learn fast.

Training Assessment

If your organization fosters a complex environment with multiple teams and numerous locations, you’ll find the Cetaris training assessment service highly beneficial.  Our training assessment program examines your operation and makes specific recommendations including the number of participants in each session, optimal locations, presentation methods, and learning goals for each unique role.


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